Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remembering My Ina

Ina is the term we used to address our mother. It's identical to Mommy, Mama, Nanay, Inang, etc. Today is Ina's 5th death anniversary. On times such as this, I can’t help but remember all the good things about her. How she took care of us, especially me, (being the youngest in a brood of three and the menopause baby. he he.. ) from childhood until the time I already have my own family. She (together with my father) took care of my son too, while I was yet working until I decided to leave work when I gave birth to my daughter. I still have the feeling of guilt inside me because she died without me beside her. She was staying with me and my family since my father’s death in 1990 until the time that she reached her senility and eventually until her time of death.

Unfortunately, I was confined in the hospital at the time of her death. She died on her sleep, while under the care giving of my son who, incidentally, she took care of, until he went to school. Son is sort of happy having reciprocated the caring he received from her. Love and care, it was there in two way traffic! I'm happy on that note and I'm sure, Ina up there is happy as well!

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traveler said...

great story...keep up the good work

Asian Traveler said...

I understood the pain of losing a mother. My mom just died last year and I'm missing her terribly.

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Dhemz said...

oh is it Tbeng? good to sure she is in heaven right now...may she will rest in peace....

chubskulit said...

Hello Tita Beng,Mahirap talaga pag nawawala ang mahal mo sa buhay ano.. Wala rin ako sa tabi ni Papa nung namatay sya..Its been six years now but the pain of losing him is still here in my heart.

Your son is very lucky to have a second Mom..

PinayWAHM said...

Ang Nanay ko Ina at Ama ang tawag nila sa magulang nila. Bulakenya eh. Kakatuwa pag nag uusap sila ng mga kapatid nya kasi panay Ama at Ina ang naririnig namin....napaka pormal ba sa tenga namin. your son was able to give back in his own way. That's a rarity nowadays. Pareho tayong wala sa tabi nila when they passed...magkaiba nga lang ng rason. But like we both believe in: Everything happens for a reason.

Happy weekend Ate Beng!


Madz said...

ohhh you're so sweet te Beng... am sure it was her pleasure to look after the son of her bunso!!..

Kabaliktaran pla kita, ikaw bunso ako panganay of 8! dami nmin ano...heheheh

Sensya na te if minsan lng me nkkdalaw, pano kc tamad lagi, pano kain ng kain!! ahhahahahha bigat na ng katawan ko, sumsakit nga mga bunti ko sa sandaling tayo lang, upo nagrereklamo dn baby at baywang msakit!! huhuhuh dami ano...hehehe

Hope you're doing great... God bless u always.... take care

Mira said...

I'm sure she's happy where she is right now. Don't feel guilty anymore, your son stood in your behalf. My mother is also from Bulacan where they call their parents Ina and Ama. My siblings and I however call our parents nanay and tatay. Even the apos call them the same way too, Ayaw patawag ng lolo at lola, LOL.

redge said...

From the way u speak of ur INA, am sure that u have made her feel happy when she's still alive.. so don't feel guilty anymore.

btw.. advance happy mother's day to you, kudos to all great moms like you.

God bless and take care always!

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