Thursday, April 16, 2009

Long Over-Due Blow-out

We had the opportunity to pass by Isdaan Restaurant in Gerona, Tarlac on our way to San Fabian, Pangasinan. It was because I cornered Elvie, my Sis-in-law to treat us to lunch that day. She received a lot of teasing from us as we ordered for food. And the comedienne that she is, jokingly ordered for a pain reliever for her headache because we were forcing her to treat us. Ha ha ha… I was feeling sorry for her! However, I felt that, that treat was a long overdue blow-out. It happens only once in a blue moon for her anyway! He he he…

Here are some photos taken:


L-R Aldrin, Lizeth and Elvie with the hold-uppers at their back.

Forgot to take photos of the food.

The Joker trying to wake up the sleeping guard statue.

Tita Beng with Pie. (N-i-l)

The dining huts

One of the many fish fountains around.

The Taksiyapo Wall (take note of the staff, giving his best pose.)

The framed note of how much tip to give the musicians.

The Isdaan Restaurant is actually a nice place to bring foreign tourist only because of it's beautifully designed native Pinoy dining place. They have many performers who sing and dance as well. I'd say the place itself is an attraction but not the food they serve. Sad to say, the food from an ordinary carinderia maybe better than theirs while the Singers/Musicians are like daylight holduppers. Squeezing customers for bigger tips. It was late for us when we saw the framed notice.They even have the nerve to reject 100peso tip and still asked for more. M-i-l handed them another 50pesos. They were truly irritating. Seemed like they were shooing their customers away. To rate this eating place from scale of 1-5 as the highest, I give them 1.5. Nothing more, nothing less!!! If you want to come to this pricey place, just heed the warning.

5 Comentários:

Lizeth said...

hehehe. nice one tita, but u forgot its my late bday blow out!!! hehehehe..

MommaWannabe said...

Wow this sounds really annoying...buti nga binigyan pa sila e. Thanks for the heads up!

Tita Beng said...

Sorry Lizeth! I wasn't thinking it's your birthday blow-out.
Akala ko na-corner ko lang Mama mo for our lunch that time. Thought there'd be another one for your birthday eh! he he...

PinayWAHM said...

Taksyapo! Hahaha...natawa naman ako upon reading this very familiar expression.

Kaya siguro may notice on how much to give the musikero kasi alam na mahilig silang mang holdap....

Happy weekend!


chubskulit said...

Ganada naman dyan Tita, mukhang super sarap pa ng food at walang natira hahaha... saka masarap kumain ng may dahon ng saging diba..

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