Monday, March 16, 2009

Road Trip to Batangas

We plan to go outing next weekend with my deceased brother’s family. We can’t finalize the plan coz we can’t make up our mind where to go to. We’ve been surfing the internet for the beach resorts in Batangas, and last night, we opted to go on a road trip to the said province to personally see the resorts we saw on the net. With my family and my nephew together with his wife and son, we headed to this far away town of Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. We left our place at around 7 am and reached the place at noontime. Stopping on each and every resort, we’d inspect and asked for prices. There are a number of beautiful resorts. However, we found their prices too exorbitant. In one resort, an overnight stay with three meals costs P2, 185.00 per head excluding taxes and parking fees. Imagine how much we would be spending for our group of 12! Additional steep prices for some water sports equipments like kayaks and the likes are on the side. The prices don’t vary much from the other resorts in the vicinity except for a few that we couldn’t force ourselves to like despite the economical prices. These are the unsightly resorts which is surrounded by small shanties. We’ve even gone following some resorts signs that just led us to an unending rough road that went up and down like a roller coaster. Our passengers at the back of the car had much fun in the rollercoaster-like ride. (see their shots below.) We gave up on this, though we’ve heard the place is good. The name of the place is La Luz Beach Resort. It’s a pity we didn’t see that resort which has a good review from people who’ve been there.

The resort hopping ended without getting any final decision where to go to for my own kins summer outing. According to Hubby, it's either the place is too expensive or we dislike it. Ha ha ha! Heading back home, we stopped for lunch in one restaurant along the way. We reached our place at around seven after having dinner in our favorite Mongkok Restaurant. It was a tiring but exciting whole day spent on the road.

Here are the photos:

These people are enjoying their roller coaster-like ride.

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Borneo Falcon said...

The beach looks beautiful and clean

jay said...

sarap naman!

dhemz said...

you are living the good life talaga tbeng...hehheh...kaka envy naman...hhehehe!

salamat pala sa comments mo te...nako ako nga rin ...kaya nga damin kung pending na projects kasi nga busy ako sa blogging...hehhehe!..kaya yung pillow covers na project ko..hangang ngayon d pa tapos...hahha...marunong ka palang mag tahi te? ako marunong akong magtahi...kaso yung tahin na straight lang...hehhehe!

Thanks for sharing the photos!

mgrozman said...

you should try san jose and rosario its a good vacation venue for u guy

mazzini said...

Great food and Great Resorts, ang ganda talaga ng mga lugar sa batangas lalo na sa Santo Tomas, Taal at Talisay.

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