Saturday, March 7, 2009

OPM Legends’ Concert Brings Back the Old Time

I witnessed the success of the OPM Legends – the Repeat Concert in PICC last Thursday, March 5. There’s no doubt, the Singing Stars of the 70’s and 80’s, Rico Puno, Nonoy Zuniga, Rey Valera, Claire de la Fuente, Eva Eugenio and Joey Albert, still do make waves in the current Filipino Music Scene, being total entertainers on stage here and abroad.

The show didn’t start on time as we’ve expected. The Plenary hall is quite huge that Hubby was speculating it wouldn’t be filled up to its full capacity. But people kept coming in until about 30 minutes after the actual show time. Only few seats were left unoccupied. Yeah! It was a real blast! I sincerely love the performances of these singing Kings and Queens of my generation especially Nonoy Z. His renditions of the old ballads made me sigh and wish for the moment to freeze. I can’t help getting senti! Wahh!!Thanks to the undying green antics of Rico J! They pulled me back when my mind was about to drift away. His jokes brought the audience roaring. I’m sure, MTRCB would give it an R-18 rating. But Rico J won’t be Rico J without his wicked humor.

All in all, the concert was sensational! With an additional treats for seeing many celebrities who graced the show including the former First Lady Imelda Marcos. I enjoyed the concert. I loved it! But Hubby is KJ! I guess, he only liked Rico J.'s jokes.

Here are some photos taken:

The stage from afar.

Nonoy Zuniga

Singer-composer Rey Valera and Claire dela Fuente

Rico J.

Claire dela Fuente, Eva Eugengio, Joey Albert, Nonoy Z.

Joey A,, Nonoy Z., and Rico J.

Joey Albert

Tita Beng w/ her favorite singer way back the 70'

- Anthony Castelo (still handsome as ever!)

Tita Beng w/ the former First Lady, Imelda Marcos-

forever young.

7 Comentários:

W-a-H-M said...

Aba yang si Anthony kung maka akbay ah....hehehe. Oo nga he is still good looking.

Looks like you had a blast just by looking at your radiant smile. Imelda Marcos hasn't changed a bit...physically...doesn't look like she's aging one bit.

Thanks for sharing your pics Ate Beng.


raquel said...

OMG! did you and la viuda loca sang "sentimental journey"? hehehe

Lizeth said...

huwow! nice one tita! naks may pic pa ni imelda! yuhoo!!!

Elizabeth said...

wow! mukhang na-enjoy mo sobra ung concert a! at me pic taking pa! ang galing naman!
Nkita ko na din si Imelda, pero wala akong pic! buti pyag magpapic no? galing! :)

dhemz said...

wow te...bigatin ka talaga ha...hehhe..talagang nag enjoy talaga kayo ng todo...what a fantastic night....surrounded with stars..tapos si IMELDA? hhehe...prang close kayo ah...hehhee...thanks for sharing te!

DebbieDana said...

WOW, you truly enjoyed the night with the celebrities! Look at your smile, it's beautiful, I love it!

Aba sosyal, may picture taking pa with some of them. I enjoyed the photos ate Beng! Thanks.

Mira said...

Wow Tita Beng, it looks like you had a backstage pass ah. I love the OPM music of the 70's and 80's except Clair's and Eva's ;-) no offense meant. Yeah Rico J is always a riot for his green jokes, he was my client before, he's very hilarious!

Btw. I'm officially back to blogging today, LOL, need to catch up!

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