Thursday, March 12, 2009

My New Layout

I’m sure, many of you have noticed my new blog layout. But before this came out, I have messed it all up! I experimented trying out some new templates I could have found not knowing that previewing and saving then back to trying another would cause total disaster to my blog’s contents. I was clueless what to do. I was quite hysterical already and couldn’t calm myself down. Although I have yet to work on my messed up blogger links, I’m glad that I know now what to do. I’m so fortunate that I have a caring niece to help me out with my problem. She even gave it a total new “do”! I’m so overjoyed when I woke up one day and opened my laptop seeing a brand new look for my site! Geez! How I love it! She made use of my Panglao Beach photo as the header's background. I love my niece for spending her precious time on this. Thank you so much, Raquel!!

Btw, I'm in the process of reconstructing my Blogger Friends Links. I'll make use of my other blog's links. Perhaps you can check it out later if I missed your link so you can inform me. But I guess, it would take me quite a long while before I finish this. Please bear with me, my friends!

5 Comentários:

Mira said...

Very nice layout Tita Beng. Tks for the comment, I still haven't found the ring ;-(

Mira said...

Hey Tita Beng,,,sorry i thought u commented sa lost ring,,I'm sure u don't have a clue kung ano sinasabi ko, LOL. But anyway, tks pa din sa comment

Lizeth said...

Cool! Very unique! I like it tita. Ang sarap po sa mata! Siguro po mas gaganda pa kung lagyan mo po ng picture ko. Hehehehe. Joke3!

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng!

Musta ang weekend nyo? I hope you had a good one. Kami dito lang sa bahay kasi it's the first weekend na hindi nag trabaho ang ama ng pahinga to the max.

Have a wonderful week!


Elizabeth said...

sarap talaga ng buhay mo ate beng! pa beach beach na lang ha? balik ako mamaya to read ha? ganda ng new layout! like na like ko!!!!

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