Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hi-tech Gadgets for Graduates

March is a graduation month. I come to remember the time when I graduated from high school. It was very memorable for me because that was the time when I received a gift that I truly like. I was sixteen then and through out my high school life, I was using an old wristwatch passed down on me by my mother. So you could just imagine how ecstatic I was when I received my first brand new wristwatch from my big sister. It was only a simple Seiko brand but it was stylish, and how it made me the happiest coz it’s my long time wish.

Now that it’s graduation time again, I’m pretty sure, youngsters today have their own desires and wishes for their own graduation gift. My daughter is no exception. When she graduated from college few years ago, she requested her father for an iPod as her graduation gift. It was granted not knowing that it would be followed by request for some Ipod accessories like wireless headphones and iPod speakers. The former was given to her but not the latter. I was afraid, a request for iTrip would follow if she happened to be driving for herself. Well, I guess whatever Ipod accessories she’d fancy now, she can already afford for she is now earning a substantial amount from her own job.

How about you, any graduation gift in mind? Do you love hi-tech gadgets too? Am sure you do! It sure is a big hit to young graduates of this batch.

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Elizabeth said...

ate beng, salamat sa dalaw. me bago na kong post, di na paid to. hahaha! kakatuwa din magpaid blogging, nakakachallenge kasi e. ;) visit ka uli pag me time ka ha?

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