Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lights Out for Mother Earth

The “No Lights for Mother Earth” global campaign is over and done here in the Philippines. It was scheduled last March 28, Saturday at 8: 30 to 9:30 pm. It was a genuine success with regards to the number of people who joined and supported the Earth Hour. I have learned that this campaign started in Australia in 2007 and had since been observed by America and other countries in the world including the Philippines. I am glad to inform you that our house was among those whose lights were out on that said date and time despite Hubby and me being out of the house picking some grocery fares. How I was alarmed that Saturday night when we entered our gate and saw our house in almost complete darkness. As I stepped into our living room, the lamps and lamp shades which were usually in subdued illumination were switched off. “What’s the matter? I definitely had forgotten about the Earth hour. Blame it to my dementia (LOL)! It feels good to know that my two children remembered the important hour. My daughter said she first switched off her desk lamp when the scheduled time struck. There were some neighbors though, who didn’t give a damn. I still hope that these people would be enlightened and would turn off their lights and lamps come the next date to give Mother Earth a gift. Let’s give some love to our one and only Earth so she’ll love us in return.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fruits and Greens

Here in our house, I cook only what I think is beneficial to my family’s health. I try to have a bit of everything picked from the basic food groups. (Nah, as if I follow to the book! But I always try, you know!) There is usually no problem whatever is served on the table except for Son. He’d only have a good appetite if the dish is made of beef, pork or chicken. That’s my problem all the time. And since I don't eat pork, I have to concoct recipes on beef and chicken or with my favorite seafoods only. The other day, I came from some errands and didn’t have much time in preparing the dinner, There was a leftover of what we had for lunch, a simple chicken adobo and when Hubby arrived from office, I just mixed some greens and fruits I found in the ref and ‘twas a relief for me when they enjoyed the Green Salad side by side with the leftover adobo.

The Ingredients I used for this made up Fruits and Greens Salad are: Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, white onions, ripe mangoes (not clearly seen), grapes and crab sticks.

For the dressing, I only mixed mayonnaise with a little catsup, a drop of vinegar, a few grains of sugar and ground black pepper. Sorry, but I don't measure my ingredients. I use them according to my taste. He he..

So far, so good. Green salad is Hubby's favorite so I'm not surprised when only a small portion was left for me.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hi-tech Gadgets for Graduates

March is a graduation month. I come to remember the time when I graduated from high school. It was very memorable for me because that was the time when I received a gift that I truly like. I was sixteen then and through out my high school life, I was using an old wristwatch passed down on me by my mother. So you could just imagine how ecstatic I was when I received my first brand new wristwatch from my big sister. It was only a simple Seiko brand but it was stylish, and how it made me the happiest coz it’s my long time wish.

Now that it’s graduation time again, I’m pretty sure, youngsters today have their own desires and wishes for their own graduation gift. My daughter is no exception. When she graduated from college few years ago, she requested her father for an iPod as her graduation gift. It was granted not knowing that it would be followed by request for some Ipod accessories like wireless headphones and iPod speakers. The former was given to her but not the latter. I was afraid, a request for iTrip would follow if she happened to be driving for herself. Well, I guess whatever Ipod accessories she’d fancy now, she can already afford for she is now earning a substantial amount from her own job.

How about you, any graduation gift in mind? Do you love hi-tech gadgets too? Am sure you do! It sure is a big hit to young graduates of this batch.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sisterhood Award

I received this wonderful award from Madz and Dhemz. So nice of them to have included me in their list of awardees. Thank you so much, sweet ladies! I truly appreciate it.


Here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I would love to pass this award to all the lady blogger buddies in my links. You have made my bloglife an exciting one guys! Thanks to you!

Sick Again

I was sick again. After a whole day trip to Batangas last Sunday, I woke up the following morning massaging my body particularly the side of my chest. I couldn’t figure out what kind of pain it was. I tried to ignore it but it became so severe where I could not afford to bend my body let alone pick things up from the floor. I couldn’t even breathe deeply or induce cough for it produces extreme pain. By 3:00 am yesterday, Hubby as usual drove me to the hospital. This time though to St. Luke’s Medical Center. At the ER, they gave me Tramadol, a strong pain killer but it didn’t get rid of the pain. I underwent various lab tests and the results were all normal. Until they concluded that it’s just severe muscle spasm. They gave me some tablets and assured me that it’s nothing serious and will be gone eventually. I’m glad that I need not have to be confined again, I took some rest and didn’t even open my lap top. So I got to do some blog hopping now, for it’s been a while since I’ve done so. See you on your site, buddies!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Road Trip to Batangas

We plan to go outing next weekend with my deceased brother’s family. We can’t finalize the plan coz we can’t make up our mind where to go to. We’ve been surfing the internet for the beach resorts in Batangas, and last night, we opted to go on a road trip to the said province to personally see the resorts we saw on the net. With my family and my nephew together with his wife and son, we headed to this far away town of Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. We left our place at around 7 am and reached the place at noontime. Stopping on each and every resort, we’d inspect and asked for prices. There are a number of beautiful resorts. However, we found their prices too exorbitant. In one resort, an overnight stay with three meals costs P2, 185.00 per head excluding taxes and parking fees. Imagine how much we would be spending for our group of 12! Additional steep prices for some water sports equipments like kayaks and the likes are on the side. The prices don’t vary much from the other resorts in the vicinity except for a few that we couldn’t force ourselves to like despite the economical prices. These are the unsightly resorts which is surrounded by small shanties. We’ve even gone following some resorts signs that just led us to an unending rough road that went up and down like a roller coaster. Our passengers at the back of the car had much fun in the rollercoaster-like ride. (see their shots below.) We gave up on this, though we’ve heard the place is good. The name of the place is La Luz Beach Resort. It’s a pity we didn’t see that resort which has a good review from people who’ve been there.

The resort hopping ended without getting any final decision where to go to for my own kins summer outing. According to Hubby, it's either the place is too expensive or we dislike it. Ha ha ha! Heading back home, we stopped for lunch in one restaurant along the way. We reached our place at around seven after having dinner in our favorite Mongkok Restaurant. It was a tiring but exciting whole day spent on the road.

Here are the photos:

These people are enjoying their roller coaster-like ride.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My New Layout

I’m sure, many of you have noticed my new blog layout. But before this came out, I have messed it all up! I experimented trying out some new templates I could have found not knowing that previewing and saving then back to trying another would cause total disaster to my blog’s contents. I was clueless what to do. I was quite hysterical already and couldn’t calm myself down. Although I have yet to work on my messed up blogger links, I’m glad that I know now what to do. I’m so fortunate that I have a caring niece to help me out with my problem. She even gave it a total new “do”! I’m so overjoyed when I woke up one day and opened my laptop seeing a brand new look for my site! Geez! How I love it! She made use of my Panglao Beach photo as the header's background. I love my niece for spending her precious time on this. Thank you so much, Raquel!!

Btw, I'm in the process of reconstructing my Blogger Friends Links. I'll make use of my other blog's links. Perhaps you can check it out later if I missed your link so you can inform me. But I guess, it would take me quite a long while before I finish this. Please bear with me, my friends!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

OPM Legends’ Concert Brings Back the Old Time

I witnessed the success of the OPM Legends – the Repeat Concert in PICC last Thursday, March 5. There’s no doubt, the Singing Stars of the 70’s and 80’s, Rico Puno, Nonoy Zuniga, Rey Valera, Claire de la Fuente, Eva Eugenio and Joey Albert, still do make waves in the current Filipino Music Scene, being total entertainers on stage here and abroad.

The show didn’t start on time as we’ve expected. The Plenary hall is quite huge that Hubby was speculating it wouldn’t be filled up to its full capacity. But people kept coming in until about 30 minutes after the actual show time. Only few seats were left unoccupied. Yeah! It was a real blast! I sincerely love the performances of these singing Kings and Queens of my generation especially Nonoy Z. His renditions of the old ballads made me sigh and wish for the moment to freeze. I can’t help getting senti! Wahh!!Thanks to the undying green antics of Rico J! They pulled me back when my mind was about to drift away. His jokes brought the audience roaring. I’m sure, MTRCB would give it an R-18 rating. But Rico J won’t be Rico J without his wicked humor.

All in all, the concert was sensational! With an additional treats for seeing many celebrities who graced the show including the former First Lady Imelda Marcos. I enjoyed the concert. I loved it! But Hubby is KJ! I guess, he only liked Rico J.'s jokes.

Here are some photos taken:

The stage from afar.

Nonoy Zuniga

Singer-composer Rey Valera and Claire dela Fuente

Rico J.

Claire dela Fuente, Eva Eugengio, Joey Albert, Nonoy Z.

Joey A,, Nonoy Z., and Rico J.

Joey Albert

Tita Beng w/ her favorite singer way back the 70'

- Anthony Castelo (still handsome as ever!)

Tita Beng w/ the former First Lady, Imelda Marcos-

forever young.

A Simple Meme

I'm being tagged here by Mira of Random Thoughts. Quite simple one but fun doing. Thanks for getting me involved into some simple mental exercise, Mira!

The Rules:

Copy the questions below. Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each questions. You can't use any answer twice and don't use your own name for questions and answers 4. After you're done, tag 10 people.

1. What is your name? Beng
2. A four letter word: Busy
3. A boy's name : Botchok
4. A girl's name : Binky
5. An occupation : Beauty Consultant
6. A color : Blue
7. Something you wear : Blazer
8. A type of food : Bluberry cheese cake
9. Something found in the bathroom : Bath soap
10. A place : Beach
11. A reason for being late : Broken alarm clock
12. Something you shout : Booooh!
13. A movie title : Back to the Future
14. Something you drink : Beer
15. A musical group : Beatles
16. A street name : Banaue St.
17. A type of car : BMW
18. A song title : Bridge over troubled water
19. A verb : Bake
20. Adjective that well describes you : Beautiful. (Joke! ha ha.. I just added this last number!)

I wanna pass this simple meme to all my blogger buddies. Grab this now friends and enjoy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Products for Preggies

For most of the women like me, to be a mother is one great achievement. The desire to get pregnant and give birth to her own baby is a fulfillment of her own womanhood. However, to be a mom entails lots of difficulties. Despite the anticipated parenting drawbacks though, a woman still chooses to experience the hardships of motherhood just to achieve the realization of this female desire, that of being a mother.

Hence, pregnancy is one aspect of a woman’s life which should be given utmost care and attention. Once a woman is confirmed pregnant, it is a necessity that she seeks the professional care and assistance of a medical specialist such that of an Obstetrician/Gynecologist who would look after her and her baby’s condition. She would also need to have a safe and healthy products for the physiological and hormonal alterations that would occur in her body.

Nowadays, expectant moms need not worry of the effects of those changes like stretch marks on the belly. There is a line of health and beauty products that is developed to relieve the effects of those changes in a preggy’s body. This is Beaute de Maman, the product that have been used by some expectant moms of Hollywood such as Penelope Ann Miller and other popular stars. It is not difficult to find 'cause it's available online. If you need it ASAP, you can order now!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Daughter's Surprise

I love listening to the songs and music of my time – the late 70’s and early 80’s. Ha ha ha! Some of you are not born yet that time. Or maybe, your parents haven’t even met each other yet! But I’m sure, you have listened to those melodies which I think are well-liked until now by the young generation. The singers/Performers are still very much around. I’m not so much a fan of them but I sure am a lover of their songs. Why? Because their music are like time machine which transports me back to the space and time of my younger days. (Lol!) My daughter knew this and how she made me happy as she surprised me when she came home early today.

She handed me two tickets to the concert “The Legends of OPM: The Repeat in PICC. This concert features Rico Puno, Nonoy Zuniga, Rey Valera, Joey Albert, Claire dela Fuente and Eva Eugenio. She hit it right in the center like bulls eye! I love it! She still remembers my wishes. I’m just so excited that I’m gonna see Nonoy Z. in person again after their Family Birth Control Band’s stints in Delirium Disco many, many, many, many years ago. My friends and I used to follow them wherever they perform, whether in Siete Pecados of Philippine Plaza or Delirium in Greenbelt, Makati. Ahh, how time flies so swiftly… but I'd definitely be in a time machine come Thursday, March 5 and will be young again. It would be a date with Hubby. Yahoooo! (Thank you, Bunso!)

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