Friday, February 27, 2009

On getting old

My favorite day is here again. TGIF! Hubby was asking me this morning if we'll push through our plan of going up to Baguio tomorrow to watch the Panagbenga Festival. How I love to, if only I’m in tip top condition. Unfortunately, I am not lately. I began to feel like so drained after doing a general cleaning in our master’s bedroom last couple of days ago.. No, don’t think we have a big bedroom. It’s just a small one, actually. So that makes me wonder why I feel so exhausted. I’m accustomed to cleaning it myself, anyhow.

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Oh well, 'could be that… the strength of youth is slowly escaping my system. Wahhh… isn’t it that only carabaos get old? Looks like the inevitable is creeping in on me. Should that bother me? I have been enjoying my life since I was single. I have lots of joys and happy moments all through the years. Too many blessings that keep coming to my life. Never forgetting, God is good... always!

And on getting old...who won't?

4 Comentários:

chubskulit said...

oh wow, am sure you'll enjoy the moment tita beng.. by the way, may plane ba pabaguio?

jau said...

you get tired because....YOU ARE NOT YOUNG ANYMORE! hehehe Matt always reminds me about that when I complain of back ache, head ache, and all other kinds of aches! Such is life! Check out Matt's photos on my facebook.

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng... seems we're all feeling like that. We're staying home this weekend as well...the husband's home so the little one is having a blast just laying down beside him.

Feel better soon....and yes, kalabaw lang ang least that's what I keep telling myself...hehe...


Umma said...

Dami nyong lakwatsa tita Beng.. kakainggit ka.. saya nyo jan..

I agree with Mommy J.. kalabaw lang ang tumatanda. hahaha.. kayang kaya mo yan.. hahaaha

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