Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009 – Clark, Pampanga

We skipped going out on Valentines night coz we were preparing on an early morning trip to Clark, Pampanga. On to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta we went last Sunday. We should have left our place at 3 am but made it at 4:30 am. As we reached the place of the festival by 5:15 too many cars were swarming for the nearest place to park and worst, hundreds of thousands of people were already queuing for tickets to enter the venue. Most of them were families with Grannies and Grandpas to the tiniest tots in tow. I also saw groups of youngsters and yuppies alike. We were quite unlucky not to see the actual preparation of those big balloons for the grand take off as we were still queuing in the longest line of excited spectators. We can’t do anything but to watch those beautiful big balloons soar high to the early morning sky from afar! So beautiful and breathtaking! When we finally got inside the festival place, a few balloons were still about to soar, but our attention were caught by the beautiful music and attractive showmanship of the Phil. Air Force Band with the Lady members of the Air Force, I supposed. They played magnificent music from danceable ones to slow pops with matching dance steps. They were enjoyed by photo enthusiasts next to colorful Hot Air Balloons.

Kids had good times too. They enjoyed sitting inside the planes on display. Young men and women were able to pose with soldiers in full uniforms with all their combat paraphernalia. There were also a number of RC planes flying atop our head. It was indeed a weekend of everything that flies. A very interesting day for photo journalists and enthusiasts. There’s no chance for you to get hungry either, coz different stalls lined up on one side of the place selling all kinds of food and souvenir items. Everything is fine until the sun glares fiercely and we can’t stand it any longer, hence we turned to exit and drove back home.

A close shot of the entrance ticket.

One of the late flyers.

This one was ahead.

And so withl these.

A parachuter carrying the Philippine flag.

Just a part of the simultaneous flying.

The Phil. Air Force Band. Fantastic performance!

With the Lady Air Force Members. Graceful dancers!

One of the planes on display.

Wanting to get a picture with that event's huge banner.

These curious onlookers waiting for more actions..

(Tom, Jaja and Luigi)

Hubby taking more photos for his blog. he he..

Crowds waiting to get inside.

If going out, get yourself stamped, so you

won't pay again if coming back.

(We didn't comeback though.)

10 Comentários:

Borneo Falcon said...

Nice. never been to hot air balloon event before

Umma said...

What a fun day you had Tita Beng.. I was amazed to know that hundred of thousand of spectators wanted to enjoy the fair? WOW!! it was indeed a big event for Vday then..

Lucky you guys, you were able to witness the fiesta.. seemed to be fun and interesting..

Elizabeth said...

wow! ang ganda nung mug na balloon! good thing you were able to arrive earlier, what more if later pa! sarap naman niyan, next year na naman uli yan di ba?!

ate beng, I answered your comment on my post, do come back to read it if you have time, thanks so much for the greeting!

PinayWAHM said...

Grabe pala sa dami ng nanonood nyan. Malapit sa amin but I doubt any of my relatives went to see it. Siguro kung andun yung brother ko who resides in Angeles baka sakali....

You won pala the Filipino blogger of the week? Congrats!

Musta ang week so far?


dhemz said...

wow...looks like fun...sarap siguro pagnkasakay ka don te ano?! hehehe....they have that here..kaya lang d kaya sa bulsa namin...hehheh!

Salamat pala sa comment mo te..am sure your kids life is grand too... having a wonderful and loving parents like you.

May tag pala ako sayo te...grab mo nalang pag may time po kayo...salamat po ulit...;0

chubskulit said...

hello tita beng, salamat po sa visit and comments...

Looks a lotta fun... sana meron pang ganyan pagpunta namin dyan hehehe..

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng!

You think I'll look good as redhead? Hmmm....kaso baka sabunutan ako ni Michael eh. Kasi he likes black hair...long black hair. Alam mo sya ang huling gumupit sa buhok ko...hahaha...per my prodding kasi I didn't want to go to a salon just to trim yung sa baba...waste of time and money. One of these days he wants me to go to one to have it done properly. Maybe one day.

Thanks for the visit...

Lapit na naman weekend! Anong plano dyan?


lizelement said...

i wish i as there. kahit mkita lang ng live ung mga nkasakay sa hot air balloon.. ganda mgpicture2 jan! hehehe..

nice one po! inggit n nman ako! :(

pradeep3100 said...

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SEDONA said...

Looks like you had real fun. Great.

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