Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Early Summer in Morong

Who says that continually going out of town almost every weekend is tiring? Well, not us, as of the moment. We’ve been enjoying the early summer heat in beautiful nearby beaches. Our niece-in-law, Pie, invited us to join them in celebrating her birthday in a beach in Morong, Bataan. The out of town addicts in us were more than willing to go. She also invited my own sister’s family whos’s also just waiting for some action. In a three car convoy, Sis directed us to a nice but inexpensive beach resort. However, having been to Sun Moon Beach, in Bagac, Bataan, and after some comparisons, everyone agreed that it’s more beautiful there. Food overflowed as usual. I indulged myself in Pie’s Kare-kare rather than those seafoods. Ryan kept supplying the boys’ drinks which looked like he owns the San Miguel Brewery. I felt sorry for his Mom, Elvie and his sis Lizeth who weren’t able to come, having missed this wonderful birthday celebration which was even extended to a Pizza Parlor in Subic Freeport on our way home. We had two huge pizzas. The Parlor had a complimentary slice of cake with a candle to blow for the celebrant. That candle blowing completed the two day celebration. I guess, the celebrant or rather, the celebrator, truly enjoyed her day. Till your next year’s birthday again, Pie! Happy Birthday!

The picnic hut

My Ate with the celebrator

Enjoying the bon fire by the beach.

The three tents which were more enjoyed by the youngsters.

The Kids in their pyjamas still joining in the bon fire.

The girls inside the beach house.

The rented Beach House

The beach before sunrise.

The river that's about to meet the sea.

Extremely Expresso Pizza Parlor in Subic Freeport. (Very nice

ambiance despite being crowded.)

The signage and the facade of the Pizza Parlor.

Two very filling huge pizzas'

The complimentary Birthday Cake.

The celebrator blowing the birthday candle.

8 Comentários:

Elizabeth said...

ang sarap nman ng weekend mo, ate beng! love na love ko ang weekend at the beach, and the pizza! lahat na yata ng gusto ko sa weekend, nsa weekend nyo na ngayon! enjoy at yummy! gusto ko ung bonfire! sarap naman talaga hayy...wala na ko masabi dito sa post mo, kundi sarap! gala kasi talaga ako e! :) inggit ako! sna magka-budget uli kmi, *wink! 'til your next weekend post!

Lizeth said...

wow naman! kainggit! huhuhuhuhu! happy birthday ate pie!

PinayWAHM said...

That's what we need here kasi super stress na ang mga tao dito. Hay....

Hi Ate Beng....napadaan ng maaga here...


chubskulit said...

Parehas tayo beth hehehe... Salamat sa additional idea about my post tita beng, greatly appreciate it..

sarap naman ng bonfire, miss ko ng gawin yan, single pa ako nung last naming ginawa yan hehehe..

ryliej said...

hi tita beng, i would like to invite you for a proposal tag, if you want to share your story.. mwah..

dhemz said...

Wow TBeng...nakakaingit naman to...hay nakakamiss talaga ang pinas...lalo na ang beach...dito kasi we need to drive 4 hours to get to the shore...tapos yung beach nila dito pangit...hehhe..di sya people friendly....d katulad satin na may mga resorts....;0

Thanks for sharing TBeng....looks like you really had a great time...:)

Slamat pala sa comments mo...oo masaya kami pagma mga family gatherings..tapos ang iingay pa...hehehe!

PinayWAHM said...

TGIF na naman Ate Beng! Woo hoo...


shimumsy said...

hi ate beng,
inggit ako dahil summer na dyan. we are still freezing here. hope we get nice weather in the coming weeks. have a good weekend.

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