Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Celebrations in Baguio

As mentioned in my last post, we were going up to Baguio to have a joint celebration of birthdays for daughter and sis-in- law and a sort of bienvenida for nephew (sis-in-law’s eldest). It was indeed, a great weekend of pure fun and relaxation. Food was abundant, thanks to Pie, nephew Ryan’s wife. She brought a three day supply of crabs and shrimps and lots of snacks. I brought some chicken adobo for extra fare. Elvie and Janina took charge of the house we rented in Baguio for two nights. Being a true blue Kapampangan, Pie impressed us with her cooking prowess. She did the cooking all the time. She could be a real chef! And the boys had their uncle-nephew bonding time over bottles of wine. Sunday was spent in San Fabian PTA Beach Resort in Pangasinan. Ryan's two kids enjoyed the pool and the sand on the beach. That weekend celebration would be like a reunion for hubby’s family if only the two other sisters and their mom are not residing abroad. Nevertheless, the three day celebration was a real blast for our family, Elvie’s and Ryan’s.

Lunch in Bahay Pawid, La Union on the way to

Baguio's initial landmark - Lion's head

The view of Kennon Road from the view deck.

The Mines View Park - already dilapidated.

The house that we rented. Our unit is located down under.

Posing infront of the Mansion House.

In case you run out of film for your cam. (LOL)

Pie with kids Denise and Ram.

Went shopping in SM Baguio for Jackets and other stuff.

Baguio's pride - Sweet red strawberries.

Crabs and shrimps in coconut milk and pineapple juice.

Pie's quesodillas.

Reminiscing their honeymoon days. OMG!!

Shops inside Camp John Hay.

The real honeymooners - Ryan and Pie w/
Raymond as camera man

The sisters.. err.. mother and daughter, Elvie and Lizeth.

Our adopted children.(Joke) Luigi, Jaja
and Potpot he he he...

The road up hill fronting the transient house.

Will be posting our San Fabian, Pangasinan picnic on my next post.

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PinayWAHM said...

Broooommmm brooommmm here Ate Beng. Hahaha....tama ka. Talagang nakakasama ng loob yung si Rafaeli. Brazilian siya so malaki ang chances na niretoke ang kanyang 'hinaharap'....

Naku your niece in law eh true blue kapampangan. Ako eh kahihiyan ng Pampanga dahil di ako marunong magluto...pero nagluluto ako. Buti na lang eh hindi pinoy ang mister ko....he's not looking for complicated dishes...hehe...panay bake bake lang...

I miss going to Baguio although I only prefer to stay there for a day or two kasi I used to dislike the cold weather...still do kaso wala na akong choice now.

Haba ng comment ko noh? hehehe...

Thanks for the visit....


Reliable Web Hosting Service said...

Everytime i read something like this i realise how much i miss my family. People do need to understand that family always comes first. Granted as one grows in life, they add members to their family, being either good friends who become part of their life, household and later on family, or their loves family. Bad, mean, ugly, sad, happy, beautiful, kind, great, good, joyful, famous, boring or anything else, family is family, you accept them as they are and you pull them as close to you as humanly possible. Oh and thanks for the nice read, maybe you can share some recipes sometime as well.

DebbieDana said...

Hi ate Beng! I love Baguio city, it's very close to my heart. I took Dana there and he also fell in love with the place. I know Baguio is already over populated, but we can't wait to come back!

Thanks for sharing the photos, they're wonderful. you really enjoyed your trip. Would love to look for more photos taken in San Fabian... That's very close to my hometown Manaoag.

Debbie :)

TiOheM said...

Our family bonding and joint birthday celebration are another precious memories to remember and reminisce. Let's go out more often.

dhemz said...

wow te..galing naman! kakaingit ah..gateaway galore pala kayo..been wanting to go to Baguio...hehhe..nice house...magkano yung renta? the photos... I saw all of them sa photo account mo...hehhee!

Salamat pala sa palang pasta te..parang bago ata yun..kasi never seen it dati...siguro dadating na yun sa pinas anytime soon...hehhe..weird nga least d sya hassle..madali lang...thanks ulit tBeng...ingat po!

jay said...

nakakainggit! sexy nga ni Ja...pero mas sexy pa rin si ninang nya! hehehe

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