Friday, February 27, 2009

On getting old

My favorite day is here again. TGIF! Hubby was asking me this morning if we'll push through our plan of going up to Baguio tomorrow to watch the Panagbenga Festival. How I love to, if only I’m in tip top condition. Unfortunately, I am not lately. I began to feel like so drained after doing a general cleaning in our master’s bedroom last couple of days ago.. No, don’t think we have a big bedroom. It’s just a small one, actually. So that makes me wonder why I feel so exhausted. I’m accustomed to cleaning it myself, anyhow.

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Oh well, 'could be that… the strength of youth is slowly escaping my system. Wahhh… isn’t it that only carabaos get old? Looks like the inevitable is creeping in on me. Should that bother me? I have been enjoying my life since I was single. I have lots of joys and happy moments all through the years. Too many blessings that keep coming to my life. Never forgetting, God is good... always!

And on getting old...who won't?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Early Summer in Morong

Who says that continually going out of town almost every weekend is tiring? Well, not us, as of the moment. We’ve been enjoying the early summer heat in beautiful nearby beaches. Our niece-in-law, Pie, invited us to join them in celebrating her birthday in a beach in Morong, Bataan. The out of town addicts in us were more than willing to go. She also invited my own sister’s family whos’s also just waiting for some action. In a three car convoy, Sis directed us to a nice but inexpensive beach resort. However, having been to Sun Moon Beach, in Bagac, Bataan, and after some comparisons, everyone agreed that it’s more beautiful there. Food overflowed as usual. I indulged myself in Pie’s Kare-kare rather than those seafoods. Ryan kept supplying the boys’ drinks which looked like he owns the San Miguel Brewery. I felt sorry for his Mom, Elvie and his sis Lizeth who weren’t able to come, having missed this wonderful birthday celebration which was even extended to a Pizza Parlor in Subic Freeport on our way home. We had two huge pizzas. The Parlor had a complimentary slice of cake with a candle to blow for the celebrant. That candle blowing completed the two day celebration. I guess, the celebrant or rather, the celebrator, truly enjoyed her day. Till your next year’s birthday again, Pie! Happy Birthday!

The picnic hut

My Ate with the celebrator

Enjoying the bon fire by the beach.

The three tents which were more enjoyed by the youngsters.

The Kids in their pyjamas still joining in the bon fire.

The girls inside the beach house.

The rented Beach House

The beach before sunrise.

The river that's about to meet the sea.

Extremely Expresso Pizza Parlor in Subic Freeport. (Very nice

ambiance despite being crowded.)

The signage and the facade of the Pizza Parlor.

Two very filling huge pizzas'

The complimentary Birthday Cake.

The celebrator blowing the birthday candle.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Winning the "Filipino Blog of the Week"

To all of you my dear blogger friends, and my close friends, and my relatives, and all those I know who have internet that I bothered to vote for me on the first week that I was included in this fun contest, I am thanking you for the effort and time you spent for this blog of mine.. And despite the request not to mind it anymore, on the following week, you still cast your votes and made this blog the winner for week 147. Oh, how you made me so special! It’s like I won the Nobel Peace Prize, or the Magsaysay Award! Hu hu hu… I cried a river for tears of joy!!! It feels so great to have won this contest! This very extraordinary GRAND contest! He he he…Well, kidding aside now, your effort is very much appreciated. That despite the request not to bother dropping your votes for me, I still won and still running for the first place at present. And seriously now, whether I come out first or last on the current counting, I could only care less. I am requesting you over and over again, not to mind this contest anymore. I am no longer interested coz I already had fun.. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2009 – Clark, Pampanga

We skipped going out on Valentines night coz we were preparing on an early morning trip to Clark, Pampanga. On to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta we went last Sunday. We should have left our place at 3 am but made it at 4:30 am. As we reached the place of the festival by 5:15 too many cars were swarming for the nearest place to park and worst, hundreds of thousands of people were already queuing for tickets to enter the venue. Most of them were families with Grannies and Grandpas to the tiniest tots in tow. I also saw groups of youngsters and yuppies alike. We were quite unlucky not to see the actual preparation of those big balloons for the grand take off as we were still queuing in the longest line of excited spectators. We can’t do anything but to watch those beautiful big balloons soar high to the early morning sky from afar! So beautiful and breathtaking! When we finally got inside the festival place, a few balloons were still about to soar, but our attention were caught by the beautiful music and attractive showmanship of the Phil. Air Force Band with the Lady members of the Air Force, I supposed. They played magnificent music from danceable ones to slow pops with matching dance steps. They were enjoyed by photo enthusiasts next to colorful Hot Air Balloons.

Kids had good times too. They enjoyed sitting inside the planes on display. Young men and women were able to pose with soldiers in full uniforms with all their combat paraphernalia. There were also a number of RC planes flying atop our head. It was indeed a weekend of everything that flies. A very interesting day for photo journalists and enthusiasts. There’s no chance for you to get hungry either, coz different stalls lined up on one side of the place selling all kinds of food and souvenir items. Everything is fine until the sun glares fiercely and we can’t stand it any longer, hence we turned to exit and drove back home.

A close shot of the entrance ticket.

One of the late flyers.

This one was ahead.

And so withl these.

A parachuter carrying the Philippine flag.

Just a part of the simultaneous flying.

The Phil. Air Force Band. Fantastic performance!

With the Lady Air Force Members. Graceful dancers!

One of the planes on display.

Wanting to get a picture with that event's huge banner.

These curious onlookers waiting for more actions..

(Tom, Jaja and Luigi)

Hubby taking more photos for his blog. he he..

Crowds waiting to get inside.

If going out, get yourself stamped, so you

won't pay again if coming back.

(We didn't comeback though.)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It is Hearts Day!

Yeah, it’s Valentines Day once again! What’s your plan for the day? For many, it’s just another ordinary day that passes by, but for some romantic idealists, it’s a day to celebrate. For me, well, it depends on the atmosphere around here. At this moment, I haven’t heard a word yet if I’ll be brought out for a date. Valentines Day for us is usually a group date with a number of our couple friends in the village. And if no group dates, my partner brings me out to a dinner and some live bands music. Today.. I had a surprise of all surprises. I woke up with a bouquet of red roses (but only three roses!) beside me on the bed. It’s really a big surprise coz it’s been eons since the last time that I received roses from him.

Or did he just finally take the hint, after hint, after hint, that I love roses. Whatevah!.. as long as he’s here beside me, roses on valentines is just a bonus. Time is ticking out, Valentines Day will soon be over. Might as well greet the ones you love now. Happy Valentines to all, to my hubby and my two kids!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Picnic at San Fabian PTA Beach Resort

Two days and two nights in Baguio is apparently not enough for all of us. But the weekend holiday is running out so we packed our stuff early on and readied for early Sunday morning departure for San Fabian, Pangasinan. The ‘aquaholic” in me didn’t want to pass the opportunity of stepping on a beach and frolic on the rolling waves. We reached the beach resort almost lunchtime. It’s good that Pie had already cooked the remaining crabs for our lunch. The shrimps were grilled and I ordered Beef Sinigang and Pancit from the Resort’s Restaurant. It was another fun filled day. Good food, fresh air, the relaxing sound of the rushing waves, Elvie’s funny stories and jokes, plus the beautiful view of the setting sun, all of these were truly enjoyed to the highest level. I only wish there’d be another day of this kind soon!

Sharing you some of our photos:

Wonderful days are over. Celebration's done. Another happy memories to fill my mind.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Celebrations in Baguio

As mentioned in my last post, we were going up to Baguio to have a joint celebration of birthdays for daughter and sis-in- law and a sort of bienvenida for nephew (sis-in-law’s eldest). It was indeed, a great weekend of pure fun and relaxation. Food was abundant, thanks to Pie, nephew Ryan’s wife. She brought a three day supply of crabs and shrimps and lots of snacks. I brought some chicken adobo for extra fare. Elvie and Janina took charge of the house we rented in Baguio for two nights. Being a true blue Kapampangan, Pie impressed us with her cooking prowess. She did the cooking all the time. She could be a real chef! And the boys had their uncle-nephew bonding time over bottles of wine. Sunday was spent in San Fabian PTA Beach Resort in Pangasinan. Ryan's two kids enjoyed the pool and the sand on the beach. That weekend celebration would be like a reunion for hubby’s family if only the two other sisters and their mom are not residing abroad. Nevertheless, the three day celebration was a real blast for our family, Elvie’s and Ryan’s.

Lunch in Bahay Pawid, La Union on the way to

Baguio's initial landmark - Lion's head

The view of Kennon Road from the view deck.

The Mines View Park - already dilapidated.

The house that we rented. Our unit is located down under.

Posing infront of the Mansion House.

In case you run out of film for your cam. (LOL)

Pie with kids Denise and Ram.

Went shopping in SM Baguio for Jackets and other stuff.

Baguio's pride - Sweet red strawberries.

Crabs and shrimps in coconut milk and pineapple juice.

Pie's quesodillas.

Reminiscing their honeymoon days. OMG!!

Shops inside Camp John Hay.

The real honeymooners - Ryan and Pie w/
Raymond as camera man

The sisters.. err.. mother and daughter, Elvie and Lizeth.

Our adopted children.(Joke) Luigi, Jaja
and Potpot he he he...

The road up hill fronting the transient house.

Will be posting our San Fabian, Pangasinan picnic on my next post.

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