Saturday, January 10, 2009

Taking Glimpse of Various Places in South Luzon


Our trip to Legazpi City last December 27-30, 2008, took us long hours, the exact time I wouldn’t know for we had so many stops-over before we reached our final destination. I’m actually amazed by so many beautiful sights we’ve seen along the way, places I have only heard and seen on TV or read from magazines and internet. It was indeed an enjoyable expedition made more pleasurable by the company of my loved ones.

The Rose and Grace Restaurant in Sto Tomas, Batangas. This is the
most expensive Turo-turo Restaurant I've been to. Ask me if I'll come
back here. I'd tell you, I won't, unless you're gonna foot my bill.(lol!)

Egyptians Statues displayed inside the R&G Rest.

A plate's serving of Menudo
Grilled Tuna Belly and Sinigang na Tuna Panga

One serving of young corn and carrot w/ green veggies and beef caldereta

The interior of R&G Restaurant.

A heaping bunch of fresh pineapples on the side of the road.

This antique house in Canderlaria, Quezon just caught my attention.

Quezon Town Center - this is their Mall

A strip in Bitukang Manok, Atimonan Quezon

Notice the people on the road side? Plenty of them asking for alms.
My coin purse was turned inside out just for the spirit of Christmas.

This is all for now, guys. Still have plenty to post but I'm already very sleepy.
Goodnight!(ah, I should say.. Good morning!)

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out of the blue said...

nakakamiss naman ang pinas sa mga pictures mo tita beng. it's nice that you are able to go out of town with your family.

have a wonderful weekend.

D said...

Wow ang sarap ng pagkain!!! Miss ko na ang lutong Pinoy. Miss ko na rin ang Pinas. hehe Wow ha, nagenjoy ka talaga sa outing niyo Tita Beng! Have a good weekend!

simplyjacy said...

that strip in bitukang manok looks really gorgeous! it's nice to see that we still have a lot of green sceneries!

have a good weekend, tita Beng!

Borneo Falcon said...

Nice tour around. Looking forward for your next post

PinayWAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng...

Just looking at the picture of the menudo made me kakatapos ko lang mag breakfast. I miss our food there....hay....

Meron pa bang nakatira dun sa 'old house' in your picture? We used to have a couple of those houses in our neighborhood in Pamp. Not sure kung andun pa din ngayon.

@ our reunion...di ko alam if I'll be able to make it. If I go home I don't want to be just me. Gusto ko kasama ang mag ama ko but with the way the economy is going...parang that's not going to happen. My batch needs to raise about 300 thou sand pesos for that reunion....hay...

Enjoy your weekend..and thanks for sharing the pics....I enjoy looking at them and reminiscing the past....


chubskulit said...

good morning too, 1 am na here and am stil awake heheh... Picture lloks beautiful.. can't wait to see the rest.. Miss ko tuloy ang bicol wahhhhh

Carlos said...

Hi! Care to x-link? I have added you already in my list. Have a nice day!

isha said...

nice photos...Greatlady.By the way i am Isha from india.i found your name in my friend ITS's Blog.i found u quite intresting.well,i have added you in my blog friends list if you don mind u please add me in your friends list.Bye takecare friend c you in next post...keep smiling like this bye.

chubskulit said...

nakakagutom naman tong mga foods ate beng hehehe..

by the way if you have time please drop by, just need your honest opinion about this thanks a lot!

dhemz said...

wow! wala akong enjoy ako sa photos mo te...sarap ng menudo....hehheh!

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