Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sunday Family Bonding

Sunday is supposedly a leisure day. We’re all free at home except daughter. Her work being in a service oriented company calls for her attendance even on a Sunday. I miss our family weekend out-of-town trips usually in Subic Freeport Zone Yes, we could always go but sans daughter most of the time. So last Sunday, I decided that we pick daughter up in her office after her work at 12:00nn. I brought them (with Hubby driving for us) in Yam

Cha for a buffet lunch, at the same place where I had dinner with friends last month. I only wanna let them try the place. My kiddos are picky eaters especially my son. So I thought I could make him gobble up every food he’d see knowing all food selections are scrumptious. Each one seems to have enjoyed the buffet lunch but I figured out, I had the largest food bag. (LOL) I just can’t resist Chinese food, the reason why I love this place.

Son and Daughter can't make up their minds which to pick first.

Me, starting on some Japanese Food appetizer

With daughter and son resting after a satisfying meal.

Daughter, son and hubby taking time before going

back for dessert.

Here are some of what we had:

Nido soup Century Eggs /Oysters

Stir fried lengua Wrapped peking duck

Assorted chosen food. Ebi Tempura

Fruits in season The Yam Cha
billboard (note: didn't eat this one. he he..)


I think we almost had a flat tire going home after that sumptuos buffet lunch. We certainly weigh much heavier than before going to Yam Cha. The broomsticks are now barbecue sticks. (LOL)

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seelan info said...

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Umma said...

My Gosh!! tita Beng.. ginutom mo naman ako hohoho..where is Yam Cha by the way?

Our family loves to eat out too especially weekend..hahaha.. thats why I cannot focus on my diet bec of that buffet too especially the desserts.

misty said...

para lang kayong siblings ng mga anak mo tita beng hehehe..

Tita Beng said...

@Umma - Yam Cha is in Timog Ave., Quezon City. C'mon over, I'll treat you there! He he..

Tita Beng said...

@Misty - Wow naman, thanks for the compliment!

PinayWAHM said...

Ay ang sarap naman. I haven't been in a buffet in years. We went to a Chinese resto here about 2 weeks ago kasi I was craving Chinese food. The food was ok but the place is not that clean....

I'll make sure to visit the buffets back there when I come home for a visit...kelan kaya yun? Hahaha....

TGIF na dyan Ate beng....woo hoo...anong plano mo this weekend?


isha said...

hmm..keep having great time like this ever..

Dhemz said...

Wow te..sarap naman ng pagkain...may chinese resto na pala jan sa pinas? sosyan naman..tsaka buffet pa....hehhe! galing family bonding...awesome family...kakainggit naman kayo..sarap ng pagkain ah...ingat po te..salamat sa pagbisita..drop the EC!

simplyjacy said...

you are making me hungry, Tita Beng. wow! that chinese buffet beats th one we have here with their variety of selections. they even have japanese dishes. you made me wanna go eat tempura right now.

i hope you'll have a good weekend, tita beng!

Race said...

wow tita beng sarap ng buffet talaga! even if i'm not much on chinese food except for dimsum hehehe! nice to have some time with your family!

Race said...

kamukha mo kids mo, yung eyes nila! nagpakita rin si kuya tom ng face nya, sa blog nya hinde eh! regards!

Nikita's Mom said...

sarap naman nyan! bakit mukhang namamayat si inaanak? baka kailangan ng vitamins sa sobrang pagod. lapit na bday nyan,hah?

Sedona said...

Nice family u got there. It's always good to be with family and spend time together..

ark said...

Wow, sarap naman ng mga food nila. How much per person dun?

Tita Beng said...

@Pinay WAHM - Nice to know type mo rin Chinese Food!
@Dhemz - Yes, marami talaga Chinese Resto dito sa Pinas.
@Jacy - Yup, so plenty of food selections.
@Race - Kamukha ko ba? Hindi ba halatang mga adopted?(LOL) joke!!!
@Nikita's Mom - Yung inaanak mo sabi nya, mataba daw sya. Oo nga e. Lapit na berdey nila ni Alex!
@Sedona - Your right! Happiness is.. Family!
@Ark - Buffet Lunch/Dinner is only
399.00 pesos/head

DebbieDana said...

OMG! My favorite, chinese food! Actually, not just me, but Dana as well. Lagi kami sa chinese restaurant, fan kasi kami ng eat all you can, buffet lunch or dinner, no wonder where I got all my fats and now I'm having a hard time with my diet lately, hehe!

Sige nga, will try Yam Cha when we visit the Philippines....and it's soon!

Happy weekend ate Beng. Ingat lagi.

Debbie :)

Tita Beng said...

@DebbieDana - Wow, glad to know you're coming home to our beautiful Philippines! Yeah, the food is great in Yam Cha. Try it.

Linh Bui said...

Your daugter's very beautiful. :D I'm jealous of you. This must be a wonderful time for all of you.

Lisa said...

Tried Nido soup last year from like . Tastes really good... yeah, I thought it was gross at first, but wow, you won't regret it.

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