Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reaching Bicol Region

As a continuation of my previous post, we’ve reached our place of destination which is Legazpi City in the Province of Albay in a much longer travel time. But we were enjoying our sightseeing, so long hours of trip was totally insignificant to us. From our overnight stay at Lopez, Quezon, we carried on with our road trip until we reached Naga City. Sunday it was, so we opted to attend mass at the Basilica de Penafrancia.

The Basilica de Penafrancia in Naga City
The interior and altar of the Basilica
Camarines Sur is welcoming us.

Entering Naga City Boundary
The majestic Mayon Volcano - The most active
volcano in the Philippines.

With sis, niece, hubby, and son. While atop Lingnon Park
overlooking Daraga, Albay

The Hill Top Zip Line Adventure

A tourist trying out the Zipline Adventure

Folding back my tri-pod after some pictorials

The Cagsawa Ruins - This used to be the Bell Tower of
Cagsawa Church that was subsequently buried by the lava
of Mayon Volcano eruptions. Mayon at the background
is hidden by thick cumulu-nimbus clouds.

4 Comentários:

TNH said...

wow..nice view..

Borneo Falcon said...

"Naga" means dragon in malay. Hence, Naga city means dragon city. Ha.... Ha...

TiOheM said...

That's overlooking Legaspi City not Daraga, Albay.

dhemz said...

wow..been wanting to try this adventure...sana in the future...hehehhe!

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