Thursday, December 11, 2008

No more Max's for me

Yesterday, I had a major disappointment on my craving for food. After doing some errands at the mall, I got hungry as it was already late in the afternoon. I chose to eat at Max’s Restaurant coz I enjoyed the Pancit Malabon (I don’t remember how they call it) I have eaten in their Shell NLEX branch. It upset me though, that it’s not available that time. They offered me their Bam I (or whatever they call it) instead. It's a pancit canton mixed with sotanghon and chicken. I ordered it coz it’s the nearest to the Pancit Luglog I was craving. They asked to be given 15 minutes to serve. I waited for about 30 minutes or so. Still no pancit. I’ve shown my impatience coz I was really hungry. Perhaps to calm me down, they served me corn and mushroom soup, on the house. The soup didn’t pacify me. It’s not even heated. It’s cold and bland! After sipping a spoon or two, I moved it aside. I waited again for the pancit. And it took them another 10 to 15 minutes (or even more) to serve that very precious pancit. I was feeling so hungry that I thought I could gobble up everything including the plate in a second. But when I begun to eat, I almost spit out the food in my mouth. It was verrry salty! And the smell was like ten chicken cubes were incorporated in it. I couldn’t force myself to eat it so I complained. The waiters, with all courtesy, immediately took the plate and apologized. They said they would replace, so I knew, I had to go through another waiting time. And I prayed for lots of patience! When they served the second plate, after a very long while, the smell was the same, like a bunch of chicken cubes were dropped into it. And the taste… well,.. it’s no longer salty, but rather, no taste of salt at all. OMG!! I could have screamed my lungs out if not for my sane mind. After tasting it, I just pushed my plate and asked for my bill. The waiter, looking aghast, glanced at the plate and asked if I want to take it out. I replied to him there’s no need. There’d be no one who would want to eat such disgusting pancit! After picking up my change, I hurried out and proceeded to the nearest Dunkin' Donut Kiosk. I bought two pieces and a soda. My hunger was satiated after long hour of frustration and irritation! I went home cursing Max’s Restaurant, especially the SM Fairview Branch.

Note: The above photo of Daughter was taken in Max's Restaurant months ago in Shell Nlex Branch. This won't happen again coz I hate going back to Max's!

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Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng...

Naku Max is one of my favorite pa naman but I can't remember the last I ate there. I don't blame you for not going back there....they shouldn't have charged you for something you didn't even eat.

Hay...sabi mo nga...ang puso....hehehe.


D said...

Hi Tita Beng,I'm sorry about your bad experience at Max. Max is actually one of my favorite places to eat but I have not tried their Pancit Malabon yet. Maybe I will try that next time I come back to PI. I miss Filipino cuisine. You should not have paid for the food. Sayang yung binayad mo tapos hindi man lang sulit. You should have talked to the chef or the manager para matuto sila! But I can totally understand your frustration and anger. I have been in a situation like that before, but not with Max. Sana naman they will improve their service, sayang yung pangalan ng Max, they've had a good reputation through the years.

DebbieDana said...

Hi ate Beng! That's nice of you to pay for the food that you didn't eat. Next time, Max's chicken na lang ha, hehe! (trying to make you feel better, smile!)

But anyway, your daughter is very pretty!

chubskulit said...

hay naku, if i were you, i wont pay for it.. i wont even wait for that long.... good thing, you're very nice..

simplyjacy said...

i feel for you tita Beng. i've been in a situation like that. if we are craving for one thing, we have to get that particular thing coz if we get anythign similar, it still won't satisfy our taste buds.
having mentioned it, now i miss pancit malabon. it's one of the pancit variety that i love!

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