Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is over

Bored!!! That was how feel on the Christmas day itself. Not so many children came. I realized the kids before are no longer kids, that’s why. Many who knocked on the gate are the less fortunates whom we do not know asking for "pamasko".

See?! As I’ve said before, Christmas would be over in a wink of an eye. And I’m glad I didn’t exert too much effort for it unlike the previous years. There was completely no shopping made done for any gift whatsoever. No new decors added nor new curtains hanged. Our Noche Buena was simple. I would have wanted to ignore the Christmas Eve celebration too but I just couldn’t. I guess it's already imbibed in my system just like the other Pinoys . I still prepared some goodies for the Midnight celebration though I chose to cook only the simple ones. I prepared macaroni salad, Lengua Estofada in Bechamel sauce, Burger Sandwiches, Ham, there was also a box of especial ensaymada and some hot chocolate. Since daughter has work scheduled on that time, there were only three of us at home to greet each other and only a text greetings coming from daughter on exactly 12:00mn. I can only be thankful for the blessings, however simple they may seem.

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Pinay WAHM said...

Naku Ate Beng...kaiba naman ang Pasko dito...di tulad dyan na gising ang lahat until midnight. Wala din kaming Noche buena....just a simple Christmas dinner.

Anyway, I hope you'll have a great weekend!


Indozine said...

Greeting from Indonesia!

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