Sunday, December 28, 2008

On a road trip to Bicol

We are now in Lopez, Quezon while I am writing this. We have checked-in at Rospan Lodge after spending the whole day on the road. Hubby had planned about this vacation on Christmas day while being bothered by my incessant whining on boredom. The original plan was just for the three of us, son, hubby and me since daughter can’t come with us(again) due to her very tight work sked. However, when I woke up the next day, Dec. 26, I changed my mind. I canceled the plan. Then, sister called up telling me that her US Navy son assigned in Hawaii, is home for the season and they’re coming to visit us. We met in Trinoma Mall instead due to immobile traffic in our vicinity. While we’re dining in our favorite Mann Hann Restaurant, I’ve mentioned to them that we are supposed to go on a road trip to Bicol, particularly Legazpi City but I aborted the plan. When they heard of it, they asked to push it through so they (sis, w/ her three children, plus daughter-in-law plus the granddaughters ) could come with us. Thus, this trip. We agreed to meet at Petron SLEX at 10:00 this morning but after hours of waiting they asked us to go ahead and they’ll just follow us in Rose and Grace Restaurant in Sto Tomas, Batangas. We had finished our delicious but high-priced lunch before they arrived. We left that restaurant at around 2:00pm and the whole afternoon was spent on the road until we reached this relatively nice and quiet place at about 6pm. We had our satisfying yet unbelievably inexpensive meal in their considerably comfy restaurant in the area. I’m now on bed with my laptop while hubby and son are asleep. And I supposed, everybody else are, in other rooms. Trying to do some updating here, I thought I could post some photos I took along the way but I just found out that I forgot to bring my digicam’s USB cable. Ooh la la! My dementia attacked again! Anyway, I will insert those photos as soon as we get home on Tuesday, December 30, with God’s blessing. This is to be published tomorrow. I have yet to borrow hubby’s communicator coz there's no internet available here. My eyes are already closing, and we have to get up early tomorrow to continue our journey to the place of majestic Mayon Volcano. Goodnight for now. See you again!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas is over

Bored!!! That was how feel on the Christmas day itself. Not so many children came. I realized the kids before are no longer kids, that’s why. Many who knocked on the gate are the less fortunates whom we do not know asking for "pamasko".

See?! As I’ve said before, Christmas would be over in a wink of an eye. And I’m glad I didn’t exert too much effort for it unlike the previous years. There was completely no shopping made done for any gift whatsoever. No new decors added nor new curtains hanged. Our Noche Buena was simple. I would have wanted to ignore the Christmas Eve celebration too but I just couldn’t. I guess it's already imbibed in my system just like the other Pinoys . I still prepared some goodies for the Midnight celebration though I chose to cook only the simple ones. I prepared macaroni salad, Lengua Estofada in Bechamel sauce, Burger Sandwiches, Ham, there was also a box of especial ensaymada and some hot chocolate. Since daughter has work scheduled on that time, there were only three of us at home to greet each other and only a text greetings coming from daughter on exactly 12:00mn. I can only be thankful for the blessings, however simple they may seem.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wish to Santa

Christmas is for children; and, children in general want to have a close encounter with Santa Claus. Parents would usually bring their children to the mall and queue in to give the kids a chance to meet Santa and have a photo with him. I was once a kid and I had dreamt of sitting on Santa’s lap too. But that is quite impossible now. I doubt if Santa would still allow me to sit on his lap. With the help of the latest technology though, I was able to do that. I was able to sit on Santa’s lap and have my picture taken and framed by CEIVA Digital Photo Frame.

It was fun! I submitted my name and uploaded my photo. I chose the latest photo of mine so my sisters, nieces and nephews from afar could see how I look now. I also indicated that I got a wish. I love how they did the video. It is so cute! My sister liked it so much and got curious. She asked where and how I did it wanting to have one too. I just had an idea that CEIVA Digital Photo Frame is a perfect gift idea to give to her and my friends.

I almost forgot that one can even win $500 in the contest, daily by telling Santa your wish. For residents of the U.S. 18 yrs old and above.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dinner Out with “Dabarkads”

We’re not young ones, alright. But allow me to use the jumbled word of “Dabarkads” instead of Barkada. This term means close friends. I and my three close buddies, Ely, Lyn and Susan were not able to see each other as frequently as we have wanted to lately. Each of us has been occupied with our own activities plus the added chores we had to accomplish for the holiday season. Though we haven’t met that much, we do keep in touch. And last Thursday, December 18, I invited the three to have a buffet dinner at Yam Cha Restaurant along Timog Ave. in Quezon City. It was a great evening for us. Good food taste much better with good friends. I wished that the happening wouldn’t end but it had to. It was already past 10 pm when we rounded up. We were left hanging by such a short time of barkada bonding so Susan invited us for a date at the Holiday Spa. We met again yesterday, this time for an afternoon of absolute relaxation. And yes, this is another story to blog...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Glass Frames for a Christmas Gift

My nephew is using his reading glasses for quite a long time now so the frame's color has partly chipped off. I think this is the right gift for him for Christmas. A friend has mentioned about the Holiday Glass Frames from Zenni Optical. I logged on to the popular online eyeglasses shop and found various frames available. They also have $8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses. I can’t make up my mind though among the many beautiful frames they offer. I’ll just ask my nephew to choose for himself. Maybe he’d love to have this one.

3739 Pure Titanium Half Rim Frame

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hubby Tag

Hey, I received this one exciting tag from Donabel of Memoirs of a Pinay in America and Juliana of Pinay WAHM. I had promised to post it soon but due to some once in a blue moon affairs to attend to, I wasn't able to keep my words. My thanks and apology to you my beautiful blogger friends. I hope you understand! Here it is anyway...

*Now the rules are simple.

1. Foremost, link back the person who tagged you.
2. Pick your sweetest picture when you were still friends and post it on top of the questions and answers.
3. Post another pic now that you are together after the questions.
4. Share to how many friends you like. Be sure to link them and send them a comment about the tag.
5. Enjoy doing it.
6. Let your hubby read it too.

I don't have a scanner to scan this very old photo so I just re-shoot it.
It was taken in our home in one of his visits when we're already on.

And now for the questions:

--> Can you remember the day you first met your hubby?

I first met hubby when he was introduced to all of us employees in our Insurance Office. He was the newly hired employee then while I had just been regularized. My office mates were teasing that finally "Agatona"(the popular comic character of a tall lady of our time) has found "Mong".(the character of a tall man being played in a movie by I forgot who.)

--> When was that? (doesn’t have to be specific)
October of 1979.

--> First impression
Ahhh... not so impressive really! With long hair and rugged looking attire. Imagine that?!

--> Were you attracted to him?
The first time I saw him? Definitely not! But when he started wearing formal office attires and had a clean cut hair, I begun to notice him.

--> Were you friends before he became your bf?
I would say so because he did took a ride on all the teasing thrown on us. He would always invite me to go practice bowling (for our company tournament) every lunch break. And would always wait for me after office hours to bring me home.

--> What was the sweetest thing he did for you?
Funny! He had to ask for a loan just to be able to date me out to a Disco in Bayview Hotel along Roxas Blvd. on my birthday when we're boyfriends/girlfriends. (I learned about it months after.)

--> What are the things about him that you are thankful for?
So many actually, like serious in his work, responsible, a very good provider, faithful (keeping my fingers crossed!) and patient on me.

See our wedding photo here.

Our family celebrating our 27th wedding anniversary in Baguio last year.

Above and below: Having fun moments together.

Taken inGrande Island, Subic, Zambales

And now, I wanna tag Jacy, Debbie, Alf, and Race. Join in here, ladies. Just wanna know you more!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sixteen and victorious!

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer stage 3. Underwent chemotherapy and cobalt therapy and I was bald as a consequence of the former. While under chemo treatment, my skin, fingernails and toenails were blackened and I was very pale. Became very skinny like a broom stick. Would always be wearing my wig in and out of the house, despite the discomfort, coz I couldn't stand the sight of myself in the mirror looking horrendous and helpless. I couldn’t eat enough and was always puking. There were mornings when I wouldn’t want to stand up from bed no matter how much encouragement hubby would give me. He’d ask me to go shopping for my favorite stuff but I thought it would be useless thinking I would die anytime soon, anyway. Friends who visited me were not all helpful but rather made me feel worse. To tell someone who’s sick of cancer that you really pity her is not a consolation but rather a painful affirmation of hopelessness, I told them so and they were sorry. I did what has to be done. I followed each and every detail of doctor’s orders and prescriptions. I religiously guarded my health by having my routine check ups every year. I began to have a better view of what really life is. I read the book - Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale and it helped me a lot. I still remember a passage from it which says, “Your obstacles are present all right. They are not fanciful but they are not difficult as they seem. Your mental attitude is the most important factor. Believe that Almighty God has put in you the power to lift yourself out of the rough by keeping an eye firmly fixed in the source of your power.” In my case, I have been telling myself “Cancer is only in my mind. I think victory- I get victory!” I would also imagine my little kids then who were 10 and 6 years old to be grown-ups. I was doing it almost everyday and every night for years. Now, 16 years after my diagnosis on December 14, 1992, I am cancer free. I’m so grateful to live my second life and see my children mature. Life is full of obstacles but anything can be conquered if we will believe in the power of almighty God! I am very blessed to have survived Breast Cancer. Today is my sixteenth year anniversary of survival. ... Yes, sixteen and victorious! Thank GOD!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

No more Max's for me

Yesterday, I had a major disappointment on my craving for food. After doing some errands at the mall, I got hungry as it was already late in the afternoon. I chose to eat at Max’s Restaurant coz I enjoyed the Pancit Malabon (I don’t remember how they call it) I have eaten in their Shell NLEX branch. It upset me though, that it’s not available that time. They offered me their Bam I (or whatever they call it) instead. It's a pancit canton mixed with sotanghon and chicken. I ordered it coz it’s the nearest to the Pancit Luglog I was craving. They asked to be given 15 minutes to serve. I waited for about 30 minutes or so. Still no pancit. I’ve shown my impatience coz I was really hungry. Perhaps to calm me down, they served me corn and mushroom soup, on the house. The soup didn’t pacify me. It’s not even heated. It’s cold and bland! After sipping a spoon or two, I moved it aside. I waited again for the pancit. And it took them another 10 to 15 minutes (or even more) to serve that very precious pancit. I was feeling so hungry that I thought I could gobble up everything including the plate in a second. But when I begun to eat, I almost spit out the food in my mouth. It was verrry salty! And the smell was like ten chicken cubes were incorporated in it. I couldn’t force myself to eat it so I complained. The waiters, with all courtesy, immediately took the plate and apologized. They said they would replace, so I knew, I had to go through another waiting time. And I prayed for lots of patience! When they served the second plate, after a very long while, the smell was the same, like a bunch of chicken cubes were dropped into it. And the taste… well,.. it’s no longer salty, but rather, no taste of salt at all. OMG!! I could have screamed my lungs out if not for my sane mind. After tasting it, I just pushed my plate and asked for my bill. The waiter, looking aghast, glanced at the plate and asked if I want to take it out. I replied to him there’s no need. There’d be no one who would want to eat such disgusting pancit! After picking up my change, I hurried out and proceeded to the nearest Dunkin' Donut Kiosk. I bought two pieces and a soda. My hunger was satiated after long hour of frustration and irritation! I went home cursing Max’s Restaurant, especially the SM Fairview Branch.

Note: The above photo of Daughter was taken in Max's Restaurant months ago in Shell Nlex Branch. This won't happen again coz I hate going back to Max's!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Shot on the Spot Tag

I am surprised by Jacy when she tagged me on this. I can't be a KJ and not show my Shot on the Spot. I immediately took my camera, set the self timer on and ta da!.. The bare face of Tita Beng is shown while taking a break from the usual household chores. Thanks for remembering, Jacy!

Here are the rules:

1. Take a picture of yourself right NOW!
2. DON’T change your clothes, DON’T fix your hair… Just take a picture.
3. Post that picture with NO editing.
4. Post these instruction with your picture.
5. Tag 10 people to do the this.

Now, for all my blogger friends, please join here. Allow me to catch you on the spot. Get your cam and post your photo on the spot!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

This past week. . .

I've been struggling to keep my posts updated at least every other day. However, I realize that there really is a time when one can't find the right mood or enthusiasm to write. And since it's been a while after my last post, I'm posting my activities/idleness for the last whole week that passed.

MONDAY : We were feeling lazy the whole morning so to while away the time, Hubby and I decided to go malling right after lunch. We were supposed to go to SM Megamall but it was jam packed with Christmas shoppers. We veered to the nearby Shangrila Mall instead and found an available parking space at the top most level of the Car Park. The drive to the place was quite exhausting so we went straight ahead looking for a good place to eat. There were many nice eating places in Shangrila Mall which gave us a hard time deciding where to eat. After a few rounds of the place, we ended at a Greek Restaurant called Cyma, The Greek Taverna. The food was fine but a bit pricey. Take a look at what we had.

TUESDAY: A visit to my doctor-oncologist for laboratory request. I’m still safeguarding my health despite the declaration of complete wellness. An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Or so they say.

WEDNESDAY: I attended Healing/Thanksgiving Mass and Christmas Party by the Medical and Molecular Oncology at NKTI (National Kidney and Transplant Institute). I feel so blessed every time my Oncologist, Dr. Gloria Cristal-Luna would introduce me to her other patients and sharing them my own story of cancer survival. I felt tremendously grateful for passing on to these patients the inspiration and hope I always keep in my heart and mind. >> The Mass/ Party was a success with every one going home with too many minor and major giveaways.

THURSDAY: I was back at the NKTI for my Whole Abdomen Ultrasound and various Blood Examination including CEA and CA-15-3 which are both tumor counter exam. This two are the laboratory exams I am so anxious about because it tells if there’s something to be wary of regarding the cancer case. And with God’s blessings, I was always in the normal level on this lab test. The latest results for these, I have to claim on Monday.

FRIDAY: ‘Twas another lazy day. The Christmas decors were scattered on the floor waiting to be hanged and/or set up. What I did was, lie on the sofa and watch T.V. My son and daughter were discouraging me from decorating too much. Just the Christmas tree is enough. “Christmas is just few days away and in a wink of an eye, it would be over and done”. They insisted. Despite the grouch in me, I was able to set up the Christmas tree. I realized I could not afford to let Christmas pass without the classic tree. As for the other decors, it’s in a wait and see situation.

SATURDAY: I tried to dust it off but the sloth sticks on around me. Lazy me! Time and again, I would always say I'm grateful that “angel” is here. I wouldn’t have the luxury of this kind if not for her. I know, she rightfully deserves a good Christmas present and am thinking about it for days now. Would you have any idea what to give this “angel” of mine?

So, those were all for my past week. Keeping my fingers crossed, I'll be on the normal stream of my activities once again!

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