Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Celebration At Grande Island

Days have passed since we came back from the three day celebration of Matt’s birthday in Grande Island, Subic, Zambales. Matt is the loving hubby of my caring niece Raquel. We are honored to be among their guests of different nationalities who came from the different parts of the world. Among them were Matt’s brother, George with wife Solvig, Swedish. There is Herbie an American with his wife Kristel, a German. There is also Bob, an American with his wife, Sonia, a Pinay. Rita, a Swiss, Vicky, a Pinay living in the U.S., Bob an American and Jun with his children, their friend here in the Philippines. All of them are business tycoons on their own right.

Raquel’s family was present of course, my big sister was there too, together with her daughter, Raquel’s aunt on mother side came too, and my family, who seems to be forever present on every party that Matt has. It is perhaps because Matt is Batman and Tom, my hubby is Robin.  (Lol... Batman and Robin are always together. ... and so they joked.)

The first two days in the island was a wet one. The weather was a killjoy but it didn’t stop us from merry making. The breakfasts were buffet and lunches and dinners were lauriat style. The food, oh well, all are my favorites! It’s lauriat, so it’s Chinese. There were too many of them that impeccably suit my gigantic appetite for such cuisine. Ho ho ho…I felt I was Santa Clause with my bloated belly after every meal. ..which puts me in the mood to sing on videoke just like the other guests.

The purpose of the island getaway was to celebrate. And when Matt celebrates, booze won't be out of sight. His cheery guests were all game in boozing it up. And how I admire them for being dignified and distinguished despite having a lot of intoxicating drinks.

Our third and final day in the island was a bright, sunny one. The foreign friends trekked out to the woods and beaches. The local guests took pleasure in the banana boat ride and swimming. ‘Twas my first time for the ride (who cares if I’m ”young once” among the young ones!). The banana boat toppled many times that made me experience the deep waters to the highest level. (That’s borrowing my grand niece’s expression.)

Before lunch, we all had our stuff ready for check out. We had our last strolls around the beautiful island which we found more picturesque on that bright sunny day. After lunch, we were ready to embark on the boat for Subic mainland, where our cars were parked for days and tourist bus was waiting for the foreign guests.

It was a grand celebration that fits a grand man. He has lots to celebrate indeed, not only his birthday. He is truly a blessed man in every aspect of life.

And for Matt's many, many more birthdays ahead and for celebrating the 20th Wedding Anniversary with Raquel this year . . . I say "Cheers!"

Here are some photos taken:

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Bridge Schmidt said...

Oh wow, banana boat ride... going through the deep end. That sounds like FUN!

Anyway, I've been to Subic Bay many times (visiting the residence of Fed-Ex Asia's Chief Pilot who happened to be our neighbor in Hawaii), and unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to visit Grande Island YET. Haha,

I wonder if my hubby will ever take me there one day.

If you come to Hawaii you'll be able to share everybody's culture as the people here are so diversed.

It's so nice to hear that you enjoyed everybody's company no matter what race they belong to.

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng....

I'm backkk!! LOL...well, I never really went away. I was lurking so to speak...tamad ako to do anything...

Anyway, just looking at those pictures make me want to go on a get-away sa atin. Hay....hopefully in the future..

Musta ang week natin dyan? Dito lamig...only this week week ata summer na naman.


simplyjacy said...

hello Tita Beng!

Looking at the pictures made me feel like going home. You really had so much fun I can see it. All these joyful merry-making will make us feel really younger!

Now I know what kept you busy for the past days. And it's very understandable!

Race said...

hi tita beng, thanks for the visit and the comments - always complimenting hehehe! sarap naman talaga ng vacation nyo like what i've said to Tom sa blog nya, nakakatuwa pati na different nationalities kayo dyan, bongga talaga ang birthday ng nephew-in-law mo! (tama ba?) take care!

Constance Chan said...

wow that looks like such a fun place to be! i haven't been to a deserving holiday for a while..heehee

have to good weekend, TGIF.

Posh Post Reviews said...

oh i also want a vacation...but nothing in site for probably a year...:D

by the way, if you want to be in my blog roll, pls respond here:

Marriage Markers said...

hi! have a great weekend!! i envy the vacation you had! hihihi take carE!

Flowersbythewayside said...

good to see you having a good time girl!

God bless you!

desperateblogger said...

ay ang saya! nakakainggit naman kayo.

prakash said...

Hi am anand from india.i like the way you are in the the way the place looked like a heaven.i can feel your mood of enjoyment in your photos.your photos speaks thats great yaar....i have added your site in my also add me yaar.let us share our experience.... this is blog...ok bye takecare.

Raquel said...

so when can i get copies of the pictures?????


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