Sunday, November 30, 2008

Accidents do happen

For many of us, an embarrassing information is carefully kept secret sometimes, but not me! Coz I’m shameless. (LOL) Here’s what happened. . .

I woke up earlier yesterday to make sure that I won’t be late for the Christmas Party of the Icanserve Group at lunch time. I don’t wanna be late coz I was worrying that I might lose the direction to Bibeth Orteza’s place in Forbes Park, Makati and another reason was that I was to wrap yet the gift that is requested for us to bring. At around 8:00am, I decided to ask Hubby to drive me to the place instead of me driving alone. And he obligingly agreed. He even washed the car freeing me from bringing it to the Carwash place. At about 9:30am I readied myself. As I was brushing my teeth, something fell to the floor. “Crackkkkked.!.” It was a sound of a broken thing! I was shocked to see my lower denture broken into two. Ugh! How would I go to the party with some teeth missing?! Hubby was consoling me that I still look alright coz I still have my front teeth complete. Maybe so, but I still felt awkward talking with missing teeth. A decision has to be made so I found myself texting Kara Alikpala, the group’s founder that I am not coming anymore and explained why. The ever sweet Kara understood my plight. I ended up spending the afternoon in my dentist's clinic while imagining the fun they’re having. My denture was fixed but the first Christmas Party for 2008 went kaput for me. Sigh!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Early Christmas Party

Now, I have to believe it! That Christmas is truly lurking nearby. Icanserve Group is meeting up for the upcoming holiday season. Yes, it’s Christmas Party time once again! It’s only few days away to Saturday, November 29 and I’m quite excited. Unfortunately, last year, I wasn’t able to experience their happening coz we were out of town celebrating our wedding anniversary. Anyway, I’ll make sure am not gonna miss it this time. I hope I won’t lost my direction coming to the venue which is at Bibeth Orteza - Sigeon Reyna’s residence. It is a happy and sad feeling to note that we have a number of new members to meet. Well, I would say happy because the sense of a bigger and stronger support for each other is there and sad because the data of Breast Ca cases have increased again. But those don’t matter for now. It’s time for merry making so we’ve got to enjoy the spirit of the season!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

'Twas a Date!

  • The time is quarter to two in the morning, and it’s already the 23rd of November. We have just arrived from a Date. We had a great dinner on Italiannis and lively music on our fave Dungeon Bar at Camelot Hotel. Hubby dated me coz it’s our 28th wedding anniversary. Imagine?! We’ve come this far?! Again, my amazement on how quickly time flies! And my admiration to this very patient man for enduring those 28 sacrificing years with me… he he he!..

Happy Anniversary, Sweetheart! Luv yah!

Here's sharing some pics:

Top cover of the menu.

On the house Bread w/ olive oil and cheese dip

The interior of the restaurant

Seafood Risotto - for Hubby

Bass Mediterraneo - for Me

Italliannis passage on the wall

Lobby of Camelot Hotel

Dungeon Bar Performers

Appetizer: Crispy frog legs w/vinegar dip

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Celebration At Grande Island

Days have passed since we came back from the three day celebration of Matt’s birthday in Grande Island, Subic, Zambales. Matt is the loving hubby of my caring niece Raquel. We are honored to be among their guests of different nationalities who came from the different parts of the world. Among them were Matt’s brother, George with wife Solvig, Swedish. There is Herbie an American with his wife Kristel, a German. There is also Bob, an American with his wife, Sonia, a Pinay. Rita, a Swiss, Vicky, a Pinay living in the U.S., Bob an American and Jun with his children, their friend here in the Philippines. All of them are business tycoons on their own right.

Raquel’s family was present of course, my big sister was there too, together with her daughter, Raquel’s aunt on mother side came too, and my family, who seems to be forever present on every party that Matt has. It is perhaps because Matt is Batman and Tom, my hubby is Robin.  (Lol... Batman and Robin are always together. ... and so they joked.)

The first two days in the island was a wet one. The weather was a killjoy but it didn’t stop us from merry making. The breakfasts were buffet and lunches and dinners were lauriat style. The food, oh well, all are my favorites! It’s lauriat, so it’s Chinese. There were too many of them that impeccably suit my gigantic appetite for such cuisine. Ho ho ho…I felt I was Santa Clause with my bloated belly after every meal. ..which puts me in the mood to sing on videoke just like the other guests.

The purpose of the island getaway was to celebrate. And when Matt celebrates, booze won't be out of sight. His cheery guests were all game in boozing it up. And how I admire them for being dignified and distinguished despite having a lot of intoxicating drinks.

Our third and final day in the island was a bright, sunny one. The foreign friends trekked out to the woods and beaches. The local guests took pleasure in the banana boat ride and swimming. ‘Twas my first time for the ride (who cares if I’m ”young once” among the young ones!). The banana boat toppled many times that made me experience the deep waters to the highest level. (That’s borrowing my grand niece’s expression.)

Before lunch, we all had our stuff ready for check out. We had our last strolls around the beautiful island which we found more picturesque on that bright sunny day. After lunch, we were ready to embark on the boat for Subic mainland, where our cars were parked for days and tourist bus was waiting for the foreign guests.

It was a grand celebration that fits a grand man. He has lots to celebrate indeed, not only his birthday. He is truly a blessed man in every aspect of life.

And for Matt's many, many more birthdays ahead and for celebrating the 20th Wedding Anniversary with Raquel this year . . . I say "Cheers!"

Here are some photos taken:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ransacking Subic Bay Yacht Club

My niece is in town with her hubby, who’s gonna have a 3 day Grande Island birthday celebration next week. I am excited for that. Last Thursday, Niece and I, together with her mom drove to SBYC at Subic, Zambales. I picked her up and her mom early Thursday after dropping off my Hubby in his office. We had a stopped over at Shell, Nlex for a coffee at Starbucks. When we got back to the car, I took the front passenger seat leaving Niece on the wheel. This lady couldn't complain coz she knows, she's a much better driver than I am. While on the road, we thought of surprising my big sis in Bataan. And how she was! Sis drove us to Subic in her Avanza.

Every year, niece and her hubby come home from U.S. and treat us to a night or two at SBYC. This year, however, they won’t avail of their SBYC’s accomodation privileges so they chose to exchange it for bottles of wines, Angus beef and whatever the 42,000 pesos annual fees can consume. We had an excellent steak lunch, a good drink and mouth watering dessert. Niece had a difficult time finishing the said amount so we helped her by ordering on more food for our own take out. (Lol). We realized it isn’t easy to spend 42,000.- only on food and wine. Our thanks to her hubby, for sharing his membership privileges to us. I love my box of cheese cake! No other cheese cake tasted like it.

Went back home late after we took the car from sis’ place. Niece and I drove alternately. Reached Makati at around 8:30pm. Hubby went home with me after some bottles of beer with my niece's hubby in their place while they waited for us to return. As expected, I was the driver of a drunk passenger. But I didn’t mind coz I have seen SBYC again, indulged in good food and enjoyed the whole day with the ladies I truly cared for.

Here's sharing some photos:

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