Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pink Kitchen's First Day - A Blast

I woke up a little early yesterday coz I volunteered to lend a hand at the Pink Kitchen ’08. Hubby drove me to the event together with another Icanserve member. We reached the place at the time when all the crews, chefs, and all the food vendors’ supplies were coming in. It was yet a long while before the Rockwell Tent opened to the public but foodies and supporters were already queuing in for admission tickets and were hanging around the entrance, all wanting to be at the outset. I, along with other volunteers was detailed on selling Entrance Tickets. I felt lucky to be assigned here coz I got to see all the people coming in especially the movie/ TV personalities, politicians and all the other rich and famous citizens of the land. I've seen this food festival being patronized mostly by society’s class A & B. I would have wanted to stay till evening when famous singers and entertainers are lined up to do a show, but I wouldn’t want to commute going home coz Hubby wouldn’t wait till evening ( he stayed in his office while waiting for me).

I left my post at 4:00pm and turned over my sales. The total tickets entrusted to me were worth 250,000 pesos. I was quite anxious if I made some errors on doing my job. I didn’t have the chance to count and compute. What if I fell short of a big amount? I prayed and hoped positively! And the acting treasurer started counting the remaining tickets, compute, then counts the money, then counts again and again... “Looks like we have a problem… it doesn’t tally”. Yes, I did see it. The total money was over by 1000 pesos. “What shall we do with this?” He asked. Someone from the other table suggested receiving the money, indicating and acknowledging the excess amount on my endorsement slip. Oh well, that gave me the feeling of relief.

I entered the Tent and looked around. The ambiance was bright and lively. Patrons were crowding food booths. I have taken only few photos when my cam went pfft! The culprit? Discharged battery. Sigh!! Anyway, I've witnessed the success of the Pink Kitchen's first day and Im' sure, the second and final day would be an uncontrollable explosion. The biggest blast ever!

Maritoni Fernandez with daughter

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Cathy said...

This makes me hungry for bread. And warm milk and peanut butter and more... hay buntis... lol!

Glad you were able to volunteer. I love volunteering myself.

Mira said...

That's good you were able to volunteer in this noble cause. Keep up the good work.

Pinay WAHM said...

Hi Ate Beng...

You look lovely in the picture as always. I envy you kasi you get the chance volunteer in an event for a good cause.

Naku I had Spanish classes in College [ang idad ko din lumabas....hahaha]. Spanish 1-4 ng 1st at 2nd yr college. I got good grades but after Spanish 4 , everything I learned was 'unlearned' again...hahaha.

Enjoy the week....


Ailecgee said...

@Cathy - Am not surprised if you are beginning to crave for a lot of food Cathy!
You're at an exciting but difficult stage. Congratulations, Buntis!... ..he he

@ Mira - Thanks Mira! Trying to extend help in my own little way for the sake of Breast Cancer patients!

@Juliana - Thanks for the compliment, J! Would love to help whenever there's an opportunity. Trying to share my blessings of living a second life and more.

Xiaopei said...

This is nice ^^

Gigi said...

Hi! Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. I already linked you with mine... By the way, we just got married in Batanes. But we're not from there :) Nag-elope lang kami dun. But you may contact Juliet Cataluna at 0919-3695341 for tourist information in Batanes :)

I wasn't able to go to Th ePink Kitchen although I blogged about it... I'll certainly go next year!

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