Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Day At La Mesa Ecopark

We went on picnic last Thursday. We're with my deceased Kuya’s (Big Brother) family in La Mesa Ecopark. It wasn’t a holiday nor was somebody celebrating something. It so happened that we had long wanted to get together but had never done so due to conflicting schedules. So when my nephew, Jon decided he’d get a vacation leave, Hubby followed suit and a custom made holiday was observed. Hubby picked them up on his way home and the evening was a happy prelude to a whole day of fun and joy of being with my next significant kin. We had a picnic at the nearest ecopark in our place. La Mesa Ecopark is a forests like environs in the bustling hub of the premier metropolis of the country but it also was developed for some sort of tourist attraction. It is Metropolitan Manila's primary source of water supply. Its best attraction was an old swimming pool which was very popular in the 50’s. It was revived to its sparkling freshness it has today. The kids especially my grandnephew, obviously had a grand time on it. The tourism designed electric jeepney utilized for hauling the picnic-kers heavy stuff is another hit with the visitors.

At the end of the day, it was me who enjoyed so much the time with my sis-in-law, niece, nephew, niece-in-law, grand kids and my very own family. It was indeed one wonderful ordinary day turned extraordinary.

The photos here were snatched from Hubby’s file since I didn’t have time to photo shoot.


Note: Didn't have the opportunity to take photo of the swimming pool coz non-swimmers are not allowed to enter pool area.

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Borneo Falcon said...

Where's the pool?

Ailecgee said...

@borneo falcon - I have to apologize for that. Wasn't able to take photo of the pool coz non-swimmers are not allowed to get in.

Maus said...

never been there in la mesa park..hope someday i can visit there..
passing here po.

Raquel said...


Ailecgee said...

@Maus - try to visit the place if you can. It's a nice place!

Race said...

sarap naman ng weekend! alam mo ba my hubby used to swim there when he was a child, it wan't allowed daw that time and he and his bros. just sneaked lang hehehe!

Ailecgee said...

@Race - yes, I've been hearing many were doing that, sneaking in to swim.
It's fun kasi that way e. At least he enjoyed his childhood!(Lol)

Maus said...

tingin ako kung meron new blog here
see u

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