Friday, October 31, 2008

Freebies from BPI Credit Card

For many months now, BPI Credit Card has been giving away food items from popular food chains. The latest fastfood chain that is linked for the promo is Greenwich. The BPICC user can avail of certain food items for every 1000pesos worth of purchases using BPI Credit Card. I caught up with the last few days remaining of the promo. It is to end October 31st so I made use of my saved credit card receipts.

Here are two of the free food items from Greenwich.

Item 1. Baked macaroni and regular size coke

Item 2. Pepperoni pizza and regular size coke

2 Comentários:

Pinay WAHM said...

BPI was my bank when I was still there. Baket ngayon lang sila nagka freebie....huhuhu...

Happy Halloween Ate Beng! Hope you had a good time cemetery hopping....


Bridge Schmidt said...

Hi Miss Ailecgee... I was never a fan of greenwich but I never hated it either. They're always good at their bake mac and any pasta style meal.

Treat me out one day if I decided to come back home okay? Hurray!

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