Friday, October 31, 2008

Freebies from BPI Credit Card

For many months now, BPI Credit Card has been giving away food items from popular food chains. The latest fastfood chain that is linked for the promo is Greenwich. The BPICC user can avail of certain food items for every 1000pesos worth of purchases using BPI Credit Card. I caught up with the last few days remaining of the promo. It is to end October 31st so I made use of my saved credit card receipts.

Here are two of the free food items from Greenwich.

Item 1. Baked macaroni and regular size coke

Item 2. Pepperoni pizza and regular size coke

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Day At La Mesa Ecopark

We went on picnic last Thursday. We're with my deceased Kuya’s (Big Brother) family in La Mesa Ecopark. It wasn’t a holiday nor was somebody celebrating something. It so happened that we had long wanted to get together but had never done so due to conflicting schedules. So when my nephew, Jon decided he’d get a vacation leave, Hubby followed suit and a custom made holiday was observed. Hubby picked them up on his way home and the evening was a happy prelude to a whole day of fun and joy of being with my next significant kin. We had a picnic at the nearest ecopark in our place. La Mesa Ecopark is a forests like environs in the bustling hub of the premier metropolis of the country but it also was developed for some sort of tourist attraction. It is Metropolitan Manila's primary source of water supply. Its best attraction was an old swimming pool which was very popular in the 50’s. It was revived to its sparkling freshness it has today. The kids especially my grandnephew, obviously had a grand time on it. The tourism designed electric jeepney utilized for hauling the picnic-kers heavy stuff is another hit with the visitors.

At the end of the day, it was me who enjoyed so much the time with my sis-in-law, niece, nephew, niece-in-law, grand kids and my very own family. It was indeed one wonderful ordinary day turned extraordinary.

The photos here were snatched from Hubby’s file since I didn’t have time to photo shoot.


Note: Didn't have the opportunity to take photo of the swimming pool coz non-swimmers are not allowed to enter pool area.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pink Kitchen's First Day - A Blast

I woke up a little early yesterday coz I volunteered to lend a hand at the Pink Kitchen ’08. Hubby drove me to the event together with another Icanserve member. We reached the place at the time when all the crews, chefs, and all the food vendors’ supplies were coming in. It was yet a long while before the Rockwell Tent opened to the public but foodies and supporters were already queuing in for admission tickets and were hanging around the entrance, all wanting to be at the outset. I, along with other volunteers was detailed on selling Entrance Tickets. I felt lucky to be assigned here coz I got to see all the people coming in especially the movie/ TV personalities, politicians and all the other rich and famous citizens of the land. I've seen this food festival being patronized mostly by society’s class A & B. I would have wanted to stay till evening when famous singers and entertainers are lined up to do a show, but I wouldn’t want to commute going home coz Hubby wouldn’t wait till evening ( he stayed in his office while waiting for me).

I left my post at 4:00pm and turned over my sales. The total tickets entrusted to me were worth 250,000 pesos. I was quite anxious if I made some errors on doing my job. I didn’t have the chance to count and compute. What if I fell short of a big amount? I prayed and hoped positively! And the acting treasurer started counting the remaining tickets, compute, then counts the money, then counts again and again... “Looks like we have a problem… it doesn’t tally”. Yes, I did see it. The total money was over by 1000 pesos. “What shall we do with this?” He asked. Someone from the other table suggested receiving the money, indicating and acknowledging the excess amount on my endorsement slip. Oh well, that gave me the feeling of relief.

I entered the Tent and looked around. The ambiance was bright and lively. Patrons were crowding food booths. I have taken only few photos when my cam went pfft! The culprit? Discharged battery. Sigh!! Anyway, I've witnessed the success of the Pink Kitchen's first day and Im' sure, the second and final day would be an uncontrollable explosion. The biggest blast ever!

Maritoni Fernandez with daughter

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bagac's Hidden Treasure

We were back in Bagac, Bataan, on the same resort where we celebrated hubby’s birthday. But this time we hired a boat and explored the vicinity. The shorelines we passed along are facing South China Sea. If you are a beach lover like me, you would certainly adore this one place we have discovered. I was surprised to find out that there is such a nice place like this in Bataan Peninsula. It is a secluded place where the sand is so fine sprawled at the foot of a rich forested mountain. Gentle waves touch the powdery sand that leads to a rocky assemblage. I could hardly believe there's this place so beautiful merely lying there totally unnoticed. The serene place is so relaxing, a real soul soother!

Here are some of the pictures I took.

The rising moon was telling us that it's time to say goodbye to a very lovely day amidst the sand, sea and rocky mountain side. So we bade adieu to Bagac's hidden treasure and had to leave it to its usual undisturbed, peaceful slumber!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pink Kitchen 2008

It is October and it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Icanserve Foundation is bringing back Pink Kitchen once again. Pink Kitchen food festival is a culinary gathering for a good cause. It aims to raise funds to back up the foundation's Breast Cancer Awareness advocacy. It will be held at the Rockwell Tent, Makati City on October 18 - 19, 2008 10am -10pm.

It will be a bigger and better Pink Kitchen. Tickle your appetite with light snacks and drinks but leave a big space for the main courses. You would definitely enjoy the sumptuous food that will be made available to you by culinary vendors who are experts in Asian, Mediterranean and Fusion cooking. To lock that appetite, you can indulge in various mouth watering desserts you would find hard to resist.

So to all gourmets out there, step into a food festival like no other. Come to Pink Kitchen at Rockwell Tent, enjoy good food and help elevate Breast Cancer Awareness. See you there!

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