Monday, February 4, 2008

Finally Done

I started to create this blog since the second month of this year. But because I was yet a newbie in blogging, I can’t figure out how to construct it properly, neither can I find the right name nor the right description for it. I have long wanted to delete what I have started but didn’t even know how to do it. So it was left hanging unattended, promising to get back on it when already familiar with the stuff. For sure, many of you have once or twice stumbled upon this deserted work in progress. I admit that I was uncomfortable leaving it open and undone which evidently showed my un-techie-ness. But I had no choice, until I saw the light today. Apparently, this isn't as good as other blogs but will try to improve. Remember, the owner is a former computer ignorant (sounds better for me than illiterate. Lol!) This is one amongst the many blogging challenges for me. But I know, I can cross over and go beyond. Way beyond my quiet zone!(Lol! just to insert the line)

By the way, this blog would show posts on travels, (not necessarily mine) places, (wherever my two itchy feet would bring me) and events (activities, gimmicks, happenings. celebrations). Please do come along with me as I go on trips, for places to see and events to celebrate. Cheers!

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