Friday, July 21, 2017

Extraordinary Yacth Brokerage Firms in Florida

What with the beautiful summer weather now here, the yachting season is in full swing. Both yacht sellers and buyers are extremely active in the marketplace, as the desire for boat owners to get out and enjoy their favorite outdoor recreational activity is at its peak right now.

Prospective yacht buyers would be very wise to research a good number of different companies in the market, and by far the best resource now to begin their search is to go online to check out reputable, highly regarded companies that offer an extensive variety of new and used boats for sale.

One market to seriously consider looking at right away is Florida, which annually ranks at the top for the highest number of registered boats in the nation. Year-round boating availability and tremendous boat ownership numbers in the state translate into a very robust and healthy market for boat sales. Great competition among Florida yacht brokers and independent sellers is great for boat buyers, as sellers competing with each other will tend to keep their sales price as low as they can to promote the sales of their inventory.

In Florida, there are some extraordinary full-service yacht brokerage firms, like Yacht Registry, that feature top-of-the-line watercraft both online and in showrooms in the state. Featuring new and used boats from such of the industry's top brands as Back Cove Yachts, Sabre Yachts, Heritage East Trawlers, and others, a licensed Florida yacht broker can assist the customer with their every boating need.

Outstanding yacht brokers will reach out worldwide to feature the finest watercraft for sale, featuring them prominently on their extremely detailed website. Sites customers appreciate the most feature quick searches the customers can perform for the make of boat, as well as price, length, and year ranges they are interested in. Further filters customers can click on include condition, model, type, and class of boat, and can really help pinpoint what the customer may be looking for.

Site visitors will be able to view beautiful, full-color photos, be able to print brochures, and see a comprehensive breakdown of each individual boat's basic info, dimensions, engine specs, and other important and relevant information. This information can include data on the steering system, tanks, hull, deck & hard top, deck hardware, helm station, propulsion, fuel system, steering & trim systems, electrical systems, staterooms, cabins, head, galley, main salon, decor, fresh water system, waste disposal, safety, plumbing, factory installed options, and any other information the owner wishes to provide.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Quality Hunting Camps in South Carolina

The calendar date of Tuesday, August 15, 2017 may not seem very significant to most people. But to a passionate, dedicated faction of outdoor enthusiasts, specifically hunters in South Carolina and all up and down the east coast, this date is very significant.  As I have no doubt, my hunter niece, Raquel has saved the date.  Circled in red on her calendar and of many hunters out this way, August 15 marks the opening day of deer hunting season in South Carolina.

Hunting in South Carolina can be a truly extraordinary experience, with a variety of game in abundance bringing hunters out into the beautiful countryside all throughout the year looking to make their bag limits.

Whitetail deer hunting opportunities in South Carolina are considered among the best in the nation. Hog hunting, though not as common as the deer hunt, has a passionate following here; it can be a truly unique hunt to try for the deer hunting traditionalists, and with hog hunting season coinciding with deer season, many hunters may 'dare to be different' and give it a try.

For outsiders interested in hunting South Carolina for the first time, it may be difficult to determine where the best hunts take place. Novice hunters, likewise, will more than likely not be too keenly aware of where the greater areas of hunting in the state lie. People that enjoy hunting in a group with their buddies, interested in 7locating a camp in the state to bring the group, may find it difficult to pinpoint just the right area to look into. And once that area is determined, it may even be more difficult in securing a hunting camp location there.

One terrific option that all these hunters can look into, as well as for hunters who may be looking for a more structured hunting environment in an area that virtually guarantees them a successful hunt, is to look into a hunting trip to a leading, extremely popular South Carolina hunting lodge. A fine example of one such lodge, Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, just south of Fairfax, is an intensely managed hunting property, offering hunts in three- and four-day packages.

Quality hunting camps provide terrific opportunities all throughout the year to successfully hunt a number of different game. Whether hunting for one specific species, or a combination package of two or even three species in one trip, hunters at these lodges will have the flexibility to get out, bag their limits, and be able to leave having made their hunting trip a most enjoyable, successful one.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Ways to Make Your Chicago Wedding Absolutely Amazing

Whether you live in Chicago or just love the city, you might decide that the Windy City is the perfect spot for your wedding. Its home to dozens of traditional venues as well as more unique locations like Lake Michigan and Millennium Park. No matter which venue you choose, you'll have the perfect place to celebrate with all your loved ones. If you want to make your Chicago wedding even more amazing, you can opt for some fun things to add to your special day.

Hire Transportation

The best way to make your big day more special is with the right transportation. When you rent a limo for you and your wedding party, you have someone to drive you to the ceremony and the reception. You can even arrange for a Chicago wedding limo rental to pick up guests staying in a nearby hotel. Limos can take guests back at the end of the night to help them avoid the hassles of city parking. If you aren't a traditional guy or gal, you can rent a party bus or look for a limo rental that comes in a fun or unique color.

Make Your Own Cocktails

Treat your guests to cocktails named after you and your new spouse or after some of the fun things you did or places you visited together. Anyone can put out bottles of champagne or have wine served at the table, but it takes a special couple to come up with their own unique cocktail. While you can request that guests come to the bar and order one of the drinks, you can also hire servers to circulate the room with pitchers that they use to fill and refill the glasses of your guests.

Surprise Guests

To make your Chicago wedding day one that guests will never forget, consider surprising them with your wedding. Send out invitations to one venue, but have limos and other cars waiting there to transport guests to a completely different venue before the ceremony begins. You don't need to rent two venues because you can request that guests wait outside a hotel or meet you in a local park. Traditional weddings are gorgeous and perfect for some couples, but you may want to have an amazing Chicago wedding that incorporates fun ideas like limo rentals, venues you surprise guests with and customized cocktails.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Keeping the Faith

I am laid back when it comes to blogging.  Most especially now that I am fighting off slight depression.  Since the unpleasant surprise and devastating discovery I had in January, (just don't ask me to disclose about it) I was down in deep dejection.  No matter how much I tell myself that I am okay and that I can handle this with ease, I still fail.  For every now and then, the scenario hits hard on me!  And when it does, too many negative thoughts run in my head!  As it did,  again!  Hurts and pains rumbles inside of me.  Nevertheless holding back the tears as a lump swells on my throat.
For how long I would go through on this suffering?  I have no idea!  But I keep my faith in the Lord that he is in control.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Singer Island For Weekend Getaway

An occasional weekend getaway or family vacation can be an excellent way to unwind and relax. The constant activity and never ending hustle and bustle of daily life can take its toll. When you indulge in the tranquil sunshine and scenery of beautiful south Florida, you'll be able to let the stress melt away while taking in the unique sight of sounds of this area. Of course, choosing the right location is an important aspect of any vacation, but you'll also want to have easy access to a variety of fun activities. Fortunately, Singer Island offers many wonderful opportunities for relaxation and entertainment for visitors of all ages.

Why Choose Singer Island
Singer Island is located along south Florida's on the Atlantic coast and is home to 5 miles of pristine white sand beaches. It is also known for its beautiful year-round weather as well as it's easy access to plenty of exciting recreational activities. Singer Island is a unique getaway location because it offers a unique blend of tranquility with excellent weather and amazing views. With close proximity to Palm Beach as well as many of the area's beautiful beaches, there is something for everyone who visits this sunny destination.

Fun Activities in the Singer Island Area
While sunbathing and water sports are always popular, you'll also be able to play golf, tennis, enjoy many excellent dining establishments as well as take in the serenity of John D. MacArthur Beach State Park. The park is a wonderful place to relax with a picnic, walk the natural trails, or take part in one of the educational programs. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even rent a kayak.

Where to Stay on Singer Island
Of course, with it's beautiful island destination in the heart of south Florida, there are many wonderful hotels, motels, condos, and private residences offering accommodations for visitors throughout the area. You'll find options in many price ranges to suit just about any budget. Additionally, some companies, such as Singer Island Resort & Spa, offer exceptional savings on your beautiful accommodations. Whether you need an affordable room for a couple of days or a spacious 2-bedroom condo for your family's extended vacation, you're sure to find just what you need on Singer Island.
When you're looking for a fun and relaxing getaway, Singer Island has just what you need. Choose beautiful accommodations and enjoy your stay in south Florida.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Road Trip to Clark, Pampanga

One day last week, while working on my daily chores at home, I can't help but think of taking a break from all those household routines.  How timely the invite from a close friend asking if I am willing to take time out for a road trip to wherever.  It wasn't clear where the destination was, but as I know it would be kind of relaxing,  I readily agreed.  Haha..  I know we won't go too far anyway!  Another very close friend joined in and off we were on the road, NLEX specifically!  We decided to try and have a little fun so we headed to Widus Hotel and Casino in Clark, Pampanga.   No one amongst us is a gambler.  But for the heck of it, we walked in at the Slots Machine section and confidently sit on one.  I thought I am knowlegeable enough but not!  We were winning for a while but ended losing a few bucks at the end.  I suppose that's usually how it goes!  You win and continue to play until you lose it all, if lady luck isn't by your side.  We hung out by the pool for a li'l more time then looked for a better place to fill our grumbling tummy.  The food inside the hotel cost an arm and a leg thus we looked a little farther.   I remember one good place I often go to with my family when in Clark.  Koko buri is the name.  They serve good Korean dishes along with other international ones.  Glad my friends enjoyed the food,  good enough reason  for my friend on the steering wheel to drive back home with lightness.

Ain't it obvious?  Boredom is gone!  Their smiles say it all!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saying Goodbye Gracefully

To Keep or Not to Keep
Remove the Junk

As you are cleaning room by room, begin a trash pile as well as a donation pile.  Anything of worth may be donated while broken items can be pitched.  Contact a donation center that is willing to make home pick ups.  The trash pile also needs hauled away. When in need of  junk removal Long Island has several companies that can help such as the professionals at Remove My Junk.

A Clean Sell

Once the house is empty, you need to do a good cleaning. Wash windows, sweep floors, and scrub dingy walls.  Make sure the lawn and gardens are well kept, and contact a reliable realtor to help you find the perfect buyer. This professionals will help you through the final steps leading up to the sale.

Cleaning up your childhood home is easier with this step by step outline to follow.  Hopefully it wilĺ help you achieve your ultimate goal without any setbacks or arguments among family members.  Now you will all be able to move forward and enjoy life while keeping your memories with you.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Going Insane

Currently going through the toughest time of my life.  Can't contain the heaviness in my heart..   Experiencing shortness of breath and piercing pain.   Wanting to run amuck!

I know I'm not perfect.  But what have I done to be hurt intensely like this?

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fambam Dinner at Mesa Filipino Moderne

Since our daughter got married and moved out of the house,  weekends are the only time we are able to get together.  Glad that the young couple always set aside time for our regular family bonding even only a day on a weekend.  Actually, I always prefer cooking dinner  for the family.  I go marketing early morning and prepare everything on my own.  However,  I'm not feeling well for weeks now.  I easily get tired.   Hence, the frequent dinner out!

Last night was no different from the past weekends.  After knowing that I am not that well yet,  daughter messaged us to just meet them at Mesa in SM Fairview.

Now, allow me to give a short review on this worth praising restaurant.
Mesa Filipino Moderne is the name of this  dining place.  As far as I know, they have many branches around Metro Manila.   We have tried the branch they have in SM North few years back.  We haven't gone back coz it's quite far from where we live.

Back here in SM Fairview,  we always see and pass by this resto.  I don't know why, but we have been ignoring it for long.   Hmmn... actually, at the back of my mind I know!  This resto is a bit expensive (well, that's as far as my budget is concerned. lol!)!  Anyway,  this time around, daughter insisted we go here!  I was hesitant at first, but we went just the same. Learning later it was her treat.  (Hehe..   thanks, bunso!)

Alright.. so we ordered!  This.. that... and more!  Rice which is usually ordered one cup less was ordered many cups more!  Not surprising because food fare is so hearty appetizing, tickling our palates no end. (That is despite the not so generous servings.) Every dish  is deliciously done and kept us hooked.   So, yes!  From the scale of 1 to 5 as 5 the highest, we give it a 5!   I won't complain about the price anymore.  Would only request for increase on servings!   Nonetheless, it's worth it!  The place is elegant enough, service is great and best of all,  filipino dishes are eĺevated to an upscale level of sophisticated cuisine!  Will come back for sure!   So that's it!    Btw,  I'll make it clear tho', this is no paid blogging.   But will appreciate any acknowledgement of sort from this establishment. In case and if ever. Haha..

Another wonderful family bonding is done!

"Happiness is not all about what you have, but rather who you have with you!"

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Swift Escape to Baguio

One day in March of the current year, (that was more than a couple of months ago) me and my close friend cum kumare  took a break from the daily grinds of a stay at home wife and mom.     Right aboard the bus bound for Baguio,  I felt de-stressing begun as we exchanged ideas while watching beautiful sceneries along the way.

It was a dazzling sunny mid morning when we reached our destination.   With no prior hotel bookings made, we're not sure where we would land.  We took a chance on City Light Hotel, just a stone throw away from the Baguio Cathedral.   It's my 3rd time at this hotel, the reason maybe why I am quite at ease walking in at its well ventillated, high glass walled, spacious lobby towards the check-in counter.
We were lucky to have booked a room for two.   Honestly, I like this place!  The front desk staff are courteous. The rooms are clean and spacious enough.  Room rates are affordable. Most of all, there's free wifi (even only at the lobby and in the resto). ..and not to forget the hearty Eat All You Can breakfast that goes with the room accomodation.

More than five hours of road travel and numerous stops over is no joke!  So  the cool surroundings was a refreshing respite that fuelled us for a good start of exploring the city anew.

First order of the day:  To  have a good lunch.  My friend's son mentioned 50's Diner. I've been in Baguio every now and then but haven't tried this dining place ever.  As its name implies, the resto's motiff are the framed photos of celebrities as well as mementos of the 50's era.  Nice ambiance!  Food is good in generous servings while prices are affordable. Will definitely come back next time around.


Mines View Park:   The first tourist spot we dropped by.  Nothing new since my last visit except for a remarkably large lettered "Welcome" signage and very small lettered "Mines View Park" beneath.  A little landscape of colorful flowering plants can be seen on one corner, a considerably good background for photo ops.  The actual Mines View Park has nothing new to offer except for unsightly growing numbers of houses seen from the view deck, as well as the mushrooming of souvenir stores surrounding the place.   A far cry from the scenic  view of pure tall pines hovered over by thick cold fog that existed many years back.  Sadly,  that calming scene is now gone!  But don't fret,  that huge St. Bernard dog, who's always available for photo op is still around.

The Mansion:  The President's Summer House hasn't changed at all from my childhood years to the present.  (Now, you could imagine how old the masion is. Lol!) Visitors can only enter the grandiose gate and take photos of the well manicured facade and the summer house. To add something new to the old mansion photo souvenir,  I ran beside the guards and humbly requested for a photo op with them.  Fortunately, the officers in uniform gamely agreed.  That! ... makes the big difference from my previous visits of  The Mansion.  Haha..

Across the road is the Wright Park.  A quiet promenade with pool lined up with towering pine trees.  I would have wanted to walk some more til we reach the 100 steps going down the horses riding circle if only to show it to my friend who hasn't been to Baguio for a long time.  But a market bound jeepney passed by and we decided to step aboard that rare public transpo and just proceed to Burnham Park right away.  Truth of the matter is, I am not familiar with regards to public transpo in Baguio as we have always visited the place in a private vehicle.  So I didn't wanna let go of that chance for an easy ride.

Burnham Park:  We alighted at the market and walked our way to the Baguio tourists'  favorite place, the Burnham Park.  The sun had set and the air was getting a lot cooler.  We rested on a bench not far from the boats port as our feet were sore from the long walk.  I gazed around and seems like all the people there are worriless.  Haha.. or maybe because that's how I feel at that moment... Feeling so relaxed and chilled!

SM Mall for dinner.   We couldn't make up our minds where to eat.   I saw Mann Hann and we got in.  We each ordered our meal which turned out too big for the two of us.  We only consumed a little and left behind the untouched.  What a waste! As the price is commensurate to the generous servings.

Back to our hotel for a restful night. Our room has no aircon just like all the other rooms of the hotel.  Yet, the room temp is more than cold.  Mornings in Baguio is always like a feel good sunshiny day!   That goes to say, that I haven't been here on the rainy days. Lol!
As I've mentioned earlier,  one of the things I like in this hotel is their Eat all you can breakfast. Fried rice, cold cuts, crispy dried fish,  omelets cooked the way you want,  hot soup, hot or cold drinks, green salads, fresh fruits are just few of my fave amongst  food they serve.   Tummy filling to the fullest!

Baguio Market:  Still the same old busy market since wayback when.  The usual last place to go to before leaving for home.  As much as we wanted to buy lots of fresh fruits (strawberries included) and veggies as well, we just couldn't do.  We were content to what we could carry by hands.  Good shepherd peanut brittles, strawberries,  lengua de gato and few fresh veggies are just some of the common Baguio pasalubongs we brought home with us.  I don't know why.  But for me, it doesn't feel like you've been to Baguio when you don't bring home these goodies.

It was difficult to flag down a taxi going back to our hotel.  Just got lucky we chanced upon a jeepney which passes through right beside our hotel.  We were spared from hand carrying a heavy load of loots from the market.

Baguio Cathedral:  The famous  Cathedral is located along Session Road. Visiting the church is a sacrifice in itself for weak hearts and asthmatics like me.   It would take extra effort to climb the way up to the church especially for an oldie like me.   Nonetheless,  as we've finished hearing mass, I somehow felt peace and contentment.

After taking an easy lunch in a nearby eatery,  we were ready for home.  Picked up our bags from the hotel's secured luggage corner then off to the bus terminal bound for Manila.   Our swift Baguio escapade is over!  Ironically, we were tired but certainly recharged and refreshed! Ready to face life's challenges once again!

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