Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Birthday Surprise from NYC

Yes, it was my birthday last Sunday, July 20! Blessed, I turned another year older again! So grateful to God Almighty!  I was engulfed with happiness and joy with the avalanche of greetings from loved ones and FB friends!!   And my adopted “pamangkin”  from NYC never fails to greet me.   Her customized birthday card and the note on another cute li’l card she sent would be more than enough to make my day.  Yet, the generous fab lady of NYC didn’t stop at those.   I think she wants me to look good that’s why she gifted me with a pair of comfy Coach slippers, pretty  Coach mini case and a stylish shirt blouse ... Oh so sweet of you, my ever kind-hearted  “pamangkin” ! Thank you so much!!   Didn't know you are an excellent "manghuhula"! Why?!  Perfect sizes! Oh, they fit me well.  Haha..  ang saya!!!

J, despite my absence in blogosphere and the no show in your site you,  you never forget!   I know you have your own bits of trials but regardless,  you still stay strong for others!  Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you send my way.   The caring thought… I won’t ever forget!  Thank you, thank you!!   Sending you my loving spirit through prayers… always!   Warm and tight hug to you!  ' Love you, my Pamangkin!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Trip to Lomboy Farm: A Big Disappointment

After seeing  Kris Aquino in her own Kristv program feasting  on luscious grapes hanging by the vines at Lomboy Farm, I got enticed to experience the same.   I do admit that I’m quite gullible some times.   I tend to believe that what is shown is true or real, especially on Kristv!  Well..  I guess, I am not alone on this viewpoint.  Many seems to follow the said TV show and been misled sometime, somehow!

Allured by the mentioned TV feature and adding the fact that I do miss the beach,  I pushed my family to travel the many miles to the north last weekend.   Coming along with us was DD's fiance. We headed to La Union early Saturday and  took pleasure in traversing the newly opened TPLEx (Tarlac Pangasinan La Union Expressway).  With DS on the wheel, we reached La Union by late noon.  We checked-in at a beach resort named Cabaguan Seafront Resort.  It’s a budget resort so it’s not for those who want a stylish accommodation.  Nevertheless, the room is air conditioned and good enough to pass the night away.   The weather was quite a bummer for it prevented me from enjoying the beach.  No regrets though, coz the beach isn’t that attractive anyway!

The following Sunday morning, everybody’s up early.  We moved few more kilometers up north and we reached the main objective of our long road trip: The Lomboy Farm in Bauang La Union.  The big signage of the farm along the highway is not hard to notice.  We pulled over alongside the many vehicles parked ahead of us.  It maybe one proof that not only me believed the Kristv  feature of said farm. They admit, they have a sudden influx of visitors.  This, I think is enough evidence that I wasn’t alone in getting a leg pulled. Lol!

Initially, I went in alone to look for the owner whom I had previously communicated with through text messages, Mr. Ave Lomboy.  He introduced himself and found him friendly and accommodating. I was cheerfully dealt with and given a fragment of information about him and his farm.  I was told (and also learned from the TV program) that  we would be guided and assisted and that a tour fee of P200.00/pax will be collected.  "It’s for the people in the farm", he said.   We were 5, thus I shelled out P1000. (Though I should have paid for only 4 coz DH didn’t join in). My excitement heightened when they handed me 5 Eco bags (with Lomboy Farm print).  It meant to me that I’d be filling those up with fresh grapes harvest I’d pick straight from the vines.   (Unmindful whether the cost is cheap or not for P150/kl.)  Just something for a thrilling experience.. .  or so I thought!   I readied myself to a long walk in a massive vineyard and huge guaple plantation.  Got thrilled as we were led by a boy on a bike to the farm.  But that thrill was only short lived.  Our trek stopped to a small plot of what seems to be just a small backyard grape farming. There were grapes alright but not ripe enough for picking and only on a short stretch of plot.  "Is this it? .. Is this the Lomboy Farm?" The big kiddos asked.  Who could give us the answer?  We were left hanging with our questions.  There was a couple of elder ladies we wished to get answers from but they were busy selling their grape seedling plants.  The residents of the neighborhood appeared to be overwhelmed by the turn of people coming in their community by big groups.    Contrary to what was mentioned by the owner that we will be assisted and guided by somebody who would answer queries along the way, no one appeared!  .. And by the words "assisted farm tour", who wouldn't imagine a vast vineyard and a massive guaple plantation to tour?  Whew!  I felt kinda deceived!  What's the 1000php I paid for? "It's for the Eco bags, Ma!, They gave you Eco bags, remember?"  That was DD's reply to my question, with a wide grin!

Oh well! ...  Mr Lomboy took my number.  He said he would inform me of future offers of the farm.
If you were me,  would you care to give a damn?  ... Hmmn   ..your answer is as good as mine!

There's only one good thing I had, I was able to visit Agoo Church.  My first time!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Husband's Frightening Diagnosis

Hello to all! I'm back from many months of hiding!  Hopefully I'd stay here in blogland again for good. Anyways, I just thought of sharing our recent experience for the benefit of those who’s concerned with DH’s current health and medical status. Here goes:

Weeks ago, after DH’s biking accident, he has bouts of headaches. Worried that it is the result of that previous bike crash, I went with him to see a neurologist in St Lukes.  The neuro doctor took his medical history and the circumstances prior to the headaches.  After which he gave his presumption that he has brain blood clot.  Nothing much to worry he said, it’s easy as it would only take a size of 25 cents hole be bored on his head.  But to see where the clot is, he has to be admitted and undergo CT Scan. I was very scared then, but tried not to show.  His advice was followed, then CT Scan showed no blood clot.  He asked for a repeat CT Scan but with dye this time. Just to see everything clearly. Again, praise God, it showed negative for brain blood clot. However, they saw something abnormal in the nasopharynx.  Since it is no longer a neuro case, he referred DH to an ENT specialist. The ENT doctor advised another CT Scan, (it's the third!) this time to specifically focus on the lump/inflammation of the nasopharynx area . The latter sees it as sinus inflammation but asked for biopsy to rule out malignancy.  Nevertheless, the Neuro doctor has already a different conclusion on his hand.  He called me outside DH’s hospital room while DH was anxiously looking at us.  At the corridor, he forthrightly  informed me of his findings.  “I have to let you know, … your husband’s CT Scan showed a nasopharyngeal malignancy.”  Instantly, I was numbed!  I was tongue tied. The words made me dizzy… my chest tightened, ..  and I slumped on the floor.  He opted next to call son who was also inside the room.  The son might be stronger than me, he said. But I opposed.  It would only make DH realize something is really wrong.  And he asked me for my opinion if DH is strong enough to hear the bad news. I nod…

On his bedside, the neuro doctor, smashed the bomb on DH. Bluntly, he blurted out “Your case is nasopharyngeal malignancy.”  DH looked at him, decipher what he heard, then his reply was.. “you mean cancer, doc?”  and without any reservation. doctor replied, ...”yes!” I have to refer you next to an Oncologist.  DH was stunned for a minute.   Showing no emotion, (well, that's his usual self), and his next question was, can I still go biking?  … and drink?  He sounded calm and easy.  But the big question is, could he really be?!  The next scene was …the hard rock patient almost always was under his hospital blanket. ..  the wife on the side, .. was very distraught!  It was like going through it all over again!  … Reliving her own shocking, unbearable moment 21 years ago when she herself was diagnosed with the dreaded big C.   Oh my!  Hah! (taking deep breath and exhaling!)  ... But allow me to continue.

So where was I?  Okay, a biopsy of the pharyngeal lump was performed as per request of ENT doctor. After lengthy agonizing waiting days, the result of biopsy was out.  According to him, it showed a cell that can probably be seen on Tuberculosis. Good news is, "No evidence of malignancy.”  Weeeh.. it's only TB!  I cheered! We all cheered!  However, it was only momentarily as the ENT doctor wanted another biopsy.  He might have missed scooping the right specimen. It does happen sometimes, the ENT doctor explained.  He’d  need deeper and bigger specimen this time.  What can DH do but do as he was told.  A tinged of doubt for malignancy still exists. Long sleepless nights and troubled days were all for me.  Am just  grateful  the big kiddos  and the hard rock patient were holding on positively.  Don't lose hope! The result isn't out yet! They claimed. Glad, I eventually did think the same and matched it with tons of prayers!  Until the excruciating wait was over! Result is out.  It’s confirmed!  No evidence of malignancy.  Yay! The ENT doctor nevertheless is not sure yet  if it’s really TB or not because the other TB test findings has yet to be seen .  It would take another 6 weeks to get the result, according to him.  In the meantime, ENT doctor referred DH to infectious disease specialist.  As the new doctor flipped on all his medical records, she questioned why DH was referred to her.  For what?  We repeated what the ENT doctor’s findings were, that he is attributing the found cell to TB.  No, no, no! Not necessarily,  was her reaction.  It can be Pneumonia.  Yes! I remembered his chest ray. It says there Pneumonia and not TB! (It was even witnessed by our friend, Susan while she was in the room, visiting!)  Let’s wait for the other tests to be sure.  You can get it now. No need to wait for 6 weeks! Whoa!  And we dashed off to medical records.  Lo and behold!  It’s clear as the water in spring!  “NEGATIVE FOR TUBERCULOSIS!” 

OMG! We would have been very happy with such TB diagnosis of the ENT doctor! As it sure isn't as alarming and as dreadful as the diagnosis of malignancy from the neurologist!  But here now, it’s nothing of both!  Woo hoo!  Saying it over and over..  All praise and glory to God almighty!

BTW,  the complained headache has greatly diminished, according to the DH.  The Hard Rock is back on the trail with his beloved bike!

PS: I pray that doctors be extra careful on giving out their diagnosis. I hope that they don't give out diagnosis without a substantial basis or the reliable medical results.  It's just  fortunate, our patient is strong willed! Although I had almost passed out!

Friday, December 27, 2013

On Hearing Aids and Other Top-Notch Products Search

Hearing loss can come about for many different reasons. Perhaps you were in the military and you suffered it because of the loud noises of combat, such as guns firing at close range and grenades or bombs going off. Maybe you worked in a factory, and the constant exposure to a high amount of noise, never being reduced at all while you were on shift, caused the hearing loss. Regardless of the reason, you can be sure that this is something that has had a profound and dramatic impact on your life, just as it did for others who are in the same position.

Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to help with your hearing loss. To some degree, you need to concentrate on making sure that it does not get any worse. If you are a hunter, make sure that you wear hearing protection whenever you are shooting your gun. If you work in your shop, use it whenever you use power tools. This is a problem that can get worse all of your life if you do not do anything to prevent it, so taking the right steps can help you tremendously.

Another thing to do is to look into different hearing aids that you can wear. Some people need to wear them all of the time, while others just wear them when they are out in public or when they are doing something - like driving a car - for which perfect hearing is necessary. There are many types of aids that you can choose from, and your doctor can help you decide if you are not sure which ones would be best for you. As you look for the best company to buy the aids from, though, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

First off, you want them to have a great rating with the BBB. This organization is your first line of defense against companies that are scams or those who are not going to give you good products and services. They use reports given to them by people who have worked with the company in the past, so you know that the end rating is the result of a lot of research. On top of that, no company can improve their ranking by paying for it to be raised, and the BBB is not partial to any industry. These are reviews and ratings that you know you can trust fully.

For example, take a look at the Miracle Ear BBB page. This will give you a good idea of what type of information you can see on the page. As you can find at the top, the overall rating is very good. You can find contact information, identifying information, and details about exactly what the company can do for you. This is always the first place that you should look when considering working with any new company.

When you do this, you can fight back against the hearing loss that has been changing your life in such a negative way. You can get a lot of your hearing back and function the way that you want to function in life once again. Just use the BBB page to make sure that you only get top-notch products. 


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Oh, It's Christmas!

A warm Christmas Greeting to One and All! 
Wishing you peace, love and happiness not only this Holiday Season 
but the whole year through!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sun, Sea and Serenity: Holiday Bliss in Thailand

You’ve heard that it’s paradise - the holiday destination to end all holidays destinations - but what is it about Thailand that’s just so appealing to visitors? The answer can be boiled down to three key attractions: sun, sea and serenity. If you're taking advantage of cheap holidays to Thailand, here’s how you can find all three:

Beautiful Beaches

The first of the two ‘S’s can be found along Thailand’s stunning coastline and on its remote islands. Indeed, Thailand’s sun-drenched beaches are renowned across the globe as some of the very best in the world.

Mae Haad beach on the island of Ko Tao (aka ‘Turtle Island’) is a hotspot for water sports. If you’re interested in kayaking, water-skiing or snorkelling during your visit, it’s the place to be. For a more peaceful beach scene, head to Kao Kwai on Koh Phayam island, a quiet hideaway for laid-back sun-seekers.

Of course, a guide to Thailand’s best beaches wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Sunrise Beach in the town of Haad Rin on Koh Pha Ngan. Home to the famous ‘Full Moon’ parties, Sunrise is the ultimate party destination.

Temples and Treatments

If you’re seeking the third ‘S’ on the list, serenity, there’s no easier place to relax and quiet the mind than Thailand. Take refuge in the country’s many majestic Buddhist temples. The Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep temple, situated atop Mount Suthep near Chiang Mai, is one of Thailand's most sacred sites and the ideal place for quiet reflection. For something a bit more surreal, check out the bizarre ‘White Temple’ in Chiang Rai.

Thailand is also known as a haven for health and wellness. It’s home to some of the best spas in the world, and treatments unique to Thailand have become popular all over the world. Thai massage involves a special method of stretching the muscles, as well as rhythmic pressing and even walking on one’s back. Every Thai spa offers authentic massages, while also providing other spa treatments like body wraps, scrubs, facials, manicures and pedicures.

Of course, there’s really no need to boast about all that Thailand has to offer - the country sells itself! Unlike other destinations, Thailand is not just a passing tourist trend. Its ancient traditions and unparalleled scenery make it an easy choice for anyone seeking sun, sea and serenity.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Check-up visit to my doctors

I am supposed to see my doctors last week. That was after my discharged from the hospital a week before.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to follow that instruction coz I feel so weak.   I still do, up to this moment, but will do my best to see them now, coz I really feel the need to. 

I hope I could soon go back to my regular activities.  Thankful  that I got a stay-out house assistant.  She makes things a little lighter for me around here.   Grocery shopping is done by daughter.  Other chores are being performed by son.  I just feel blessed that kiddos are always ready to help. 

Thanks everyone for dropping by!   Hope to see you all back here!

Friday, September 13, 2013

My asthma attacked again

I am home now from my two day hospital confinement.  I had breathing difficulty again that started Sunday afternoon.  I puffed my inhaler and expected the aggression to subside.  It didn’t.  The following  Monday morning, I contemplated on visiting the ER again. However, our part time house assistant arrived and had to wait for  her  to finish her work for the day before DH could drive me to NKTI (hospital) later that day.  Actually, I really didn’t want to be brought to the ER. But as I was anxious that it might be another Thoracentesis case, or worse yet,  another silent Heart attack, didn’t think twice any further!

Good thing, after a number of diagnostic and lab procedures I went through, results revealed it didn’t affect the heart.  Neither was it another case of lung fluid collection. It was only the usual asthma attack that keeps bothering me every so often.

When doctors advised I had to be admitted,  I refused telling them that I’m already relieved.  But DH agreed with the doctors when we’re informed I wasn’t fully recovered yet.  Asthma may soon come back and I may not be aware if it’s affecting my heart.  With that being said, I gave in.
Home now and recuperating.   Won’t deny I’m not perfectly in good shape yet.  Still feeling weak! 

Hopefully, I’ll get back to my usual high spirit and strength soon!  Hopefully too, I could go blog hopping the soonest.  Thank you for your precious time!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Coping with cancer


How to live with your diagnosis

With over a million Americans diagnosed with cancer each year, the grim reality is part of our everyday lives. People are living longer, habits are changing, and the disease itself has mutated to include more than 200 known variations that afflict humans. Unfortunately, it looks as though cancer rates are on the rise. There is hope, however - for you and your loved ones if a positive diagnosis is indeed made. Living with cancer is becoming more and more common, as millions of dollars of research are resulting in many successful treatments.

Funding Your Care

There is no easy route, however, for those diagnosed with the disease. Treatment options are mainly difficult, seemingly never ending in cases, and commonly very expensive. Fortunately, there is financial help for cancer patients available. For example, some life insurance policies allow the policyholder to cash out their settlement via life settlements, often called Viatical Settlements. Therefore, the policyholder becomes the beneficiary and can utilize the lump sum of cash in the fighting of their disease.

Educating Yourself

For many, the entire world of cancer is an unknown. It’s a mysterious disease even to the most educated, and the majority of us know very little about it. With over 200 different forms, it seems as though it can manifest itself in any part of our body. And while some forms of cancer receive mass levels of attention across multimedia, others are virtually unrecognized - despite similar, if not higher mortality rates.

It’s important to educate yourself about all the aspects of the disease that may affect you or your loved ones. Come to terms with the realistic chances of survival, but also teach yourself about the one-in-a-million victory stories. Give yourself an understanding about your enemy and you will learn the best way to defeat it. It takes great levels of strength to beat cancer, but it is also next to impossible without great amounts of knowledge.

Live Positively

Thinking optimistically will make all the difference in a patient’s chances of survival. In the words of Henry Ford, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can't do a thing, you're right.” Strength  lies in both the mind and body of a patient, and support of their loved ones gives them a proper foundation. Fighting cancer is one of the most difficult ongoing struggles that people face today. It’s important to take it seriously, and approach it with steeled nerves and a ready spirit, but it is arguably more important to bring a positive attitude to every encounter. Even when it seems as though the odds are entirely against you, remember, all it takes is one person to make a one-in-a-million story come true.

The Prognosis

As we said above, cancer is nothing to be taken lightly. In 2007, it was responsible for roughly 13% of all human deaths worldwide and the diagnosis rate has risen every year since. Fortunately, advancements are constantly being made and there are comforting options for patients and their families. Financial help for cancer patients is available through very helpful life insurance companies. A variety of treatments are available, both for physical healing and mental well-being, and the success rate is growing with every patient. A cancer diagnosis is no longer a death sentence.
About the author:

Dale Canten is a yoga instructor and health enthusiast.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Treating a Heart Ailment

Many times, I have tried to update this blog with my personal activities in the past weeks.  No matter how much effort I gave though, my mind was empty and couldn’t afford to write a word.  Today is slightly better (I hope), so trying now to give you some personal updates.

Many of you are aware that I’ve been through a lot, healthwise, that is.  I was too focused on safeguarding myself from big C recurrence.  By God’s blessing, I'd like to think I was successful in that aspect. Then I concentrated on my lung ailment treatment after a Thoracentesis procedure.  All the while, I was unaware that my heart is crying out for significant attention.   Didn’t know my heart is in trouble.  Currently, I am supposed to be on a complete bed rest as per the advice of my cardiologist and taking lots of prescription drugs.  I would be lying if I’d say I don’t worry much about this new health crisis that is getting the better of me.  But having gone through the worst of my time, I believe I’d get beyond this one as well.  As always, I am entrusting everything to the Lord.

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